Are they still together? Re-formed is a better description

Did you ever see them play live? Yes, numerous times, tours.

Anything you want / need by them? Japanese kami sleeve CD’s


You really should own / hear:

  1. Real Life (1978)
  2. Secondhand Daylight (1979)
  3. The Correct Use Of Soap (1980)

I cannot over/underestimate how much this band changed my thinking about music.  Yes, it helped to see them play live in 1979, 1980.  But if all I ever did was hear “Real Life” – I was changed by this band.

Literate, intelligent punk / new wave music.  Very well written, exquisitely played by these Manchester musicians.

Of course the recently re-formed version of the band won’t play live in L.A. – so I’ll likely not get to see them again.

Howard Devoto (Howard Trafford) was involved in the original incarnation of The Buzzcocks.  Witness the mighty “Spiral Scratch” EP!  D.I.Y. indeed.  How fast the music world changed in those days…

As “progressive rock” didn’t really exist after 1977 – “Secondhand Daylight” did a pretty good impersonation of the best British progressive rock in 1979.  The Thin Air.  What an amazing album.  Too bad more people didn’t hear it when it was a new album.

I didn’t like “The Correct Use Of Soap” when it came out; I wanted some more “Secondhand Daylight”.  I’ve warmed to their pop songs over the decades, however.  Howard is just unmatched, as far as British lead vocalists of 1980 go.

You can buy their boxed set or live albums; the re-mastered UK CD’s have more songs than the original CD’s – the original vinyl is rather hard to come by in L.A.  I’d buy Japanese kami sleeve CD’s of their albums – or audiophile editions, should such a thing ever exist (either DVD-A or SA-CD would do nicely; the DVD could have their few promo clips!).

The rumor was that the re-formation concerts went so well that new material was being considered.  I hope that true.  I’d love to hear what an older, wiser Howard Devoto would have to tell us.  No John Mcg or Barry Adamson, apparently.  Dave Formula was always rather good.  I liked his recent solo album.

Thanks, Howard.  R.I.P. John McGeoch.   Viva Magazine!

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7 Responses to Magazine

  1. Brian Ware says:

    Whenever I discuss the impact (both social and musical) of punk rock with those who may have missed it (or who weren’t really paying attention), I always use Magazine as the prime example of it’s evolution. Along with Ultravox and early XTC, this is when real musicians starting playing with punk’s attitude and urgency.

  2. postpunkmonk says:

    Funny you should mention Magazine as yes, it’s no rumor. They are recording a new album as I type. Barry Adamson had to bow out since his career was too successful to sublimate it to Magazine for too long. His album/film “Therapist” is out now. He had to extricate himself from recording the Magazine album in order to direct his movie. In fact, I just got this missive from Magazine this morning:

    More concrete good news Magaziners …

    Yes. It cannot be denied.
    Magazine are to don their rock star outfits and kick up some Autumn leaves come November time.
    Light the blue touch paper at arms length and stand well back.
    The UK tour coincides with the release of the band’s fifth studio album, ‘No Thyself’.
    The first new material recorded since 1981.

    The 9 dates are :
    Nov 1 : Bath Komedia
    Nov 2 : Cambridge Junction
    Nov 3 : Hatfield Forum
    Nov 4 : Manchester Academy
    Nov 5 : Glasgow ABC
    Nov 7 : Newcastle Academy
    Nov 8 : Birmingham Institute
    Nov 9 : Sheffield Plug
    Nov 10 : London Shepherd’s Bush Empire

    All tickets are priced £22.50 (plus the usual booking fee mularkey) except London, which is £25.00.

    Tickets go on general sale on this Friday, the 19th of August.

    Although, if you’re quick, right now you can click on this hyperlink for a heads-up 48 hour advance pre-sale opportunity.


    The new album will be released by Wire-Sound and will be available in all the usual formats from all the usual suspects.

    You’ll know when just as soon as we know.


    And there you have it.

  3. postpunkmonk says:

    A little thing I like to do for fun in the car: sometimes I sing along to whatever I’m listening to as Howard Devoto. What jolly fun! Try it. It’s more fun than you’d think.

    I hope you have the Buzzkunst album he did with Pete Shelley in 2002. “Can You See Me Shining” is one of his best songs ever.

  4. ronkanefiles says:

    I most certainly do have the “Buzzkunst ” album, Jim-san. And I actually got to see Luxuria perform live, too.

  5. Warren Bowman says:

    Any of the live material worth exploring?

  6. postpunkmonk says:

    Warren Bowman – I recommend this package straight from the band:–real-life–thereafter-dvd/

    It’s from the initial 2009 shows with Barry Adamson participating.

  7. Ron Kane says:

    WB – Just make sure you have “Real Life” “Secondhand Daylight” and “The Correct Use Of Soap”! Live albums? There’s a 2CD vers of “Play” that’s about these days…

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