Time Machine 1971


Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of August 16, 1971

Caught my eye:

BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING CO. – How Hard It Is (Columbia C-30738)

BILL BLACK COMBO – Memphis Scene (Mega M31-1008) (LP)

LENNY BRUCE – What I Was Arrested For (Douglas Z-30872) (LP)

GENTLE GIANT – Acquiring The Taste (Vertigo VEL-1005)

CHEECH & CHONG (Ode SP-77010)

THE LAST POETS (Douglas Z-30811) re-issue (LP / CD)

MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA – My Goal’s Beyond (Douglas Z-30766) re-issue

THE WHO – Who’s Next (Decca DL 79182) (LP / CD)

GARY WRIGHT – Footprint (A&M SP-4296) (LP)

Big Brother without Janis Joplin.  Post-Hi BBC.  Some Douglas re-issues – the Lenny Bruce LP used to be called “To Is A Preposition; Come Is A Verb”.  Cheech & Chong is dope humor.  The biggie here is, of course, The Who.

Also of interest:

ASSAGAI (Vertigo VEL-1004)


FUNKADELIC – Maggot Brain (Westbound 2007)

GUESS WHO – So Long, Bannatyne (RCA LSP-4574)

HOWLIN’ WOLF – London Sessions (Chess 60008)


NEW ROTARY CONNECTION – Hey Love (Chess 50006)

SHUGGIE OTIS – Freedom Flight (Epic E-30752)

SKID ROW – 34 Hours (Epic E-30913)

RAY STEVENS – Greatest Hits (Barnaby Z-30770) (LP)

SUPERTRAMP – Indelibly Stamped (A&M SP-4311)

Irish hard rock from Skid Row.  Ray Stevens’ Monument material.  2nd Supertramp LP.

Notable singles:

DAVE EDMUNDS – Blue Monday b/w I’ll Get Along (Mam 45-3611)

CAROLE KING –So Far Away b/w Smackwater Jack (Ode 70 66019)

STEVIE WONDER – If You Really Love Me b/w Think Of Me As Your Soldier (Tamla 54208)

Big R&B A-Side for Little Stevie.  A non-hit Carole King.  And a Dave Edmunds single that’s not “I Hear You Knockin’” (which came before this).

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