Music Videos

Volume 43

July, 2011

Edmunds, Dave / Rockpile – Trouble Boys (“Kenny Everett Video Show”)

Thin Lizzy – Waiting For An Alibi (“Kenny Everett Video Show”)

Darts – Get It (“Kenny Everett Video Show”)

Pretenders – Stop Your Sobbing (“Kenny Everett Video Show”)

Roxy Music – Trash (“Kenny Everett Video Show”)

Squeeze – Cool For Cats (“Kenny Everett Video Show”)

Sweet, Rachel – I Go To Pieces (“Kenny Everett Video Show”)

Bowie, David – Boys Keep Swinging (“Kenny Everett Video Show”)

Moody Blues – Nights In White Satin (“Kenny Everett Video Show”)

Bowie, David – Jazzin’ For Blue Jean (1984, 20m) stereo

Blancmange – Living On The Ceiling (Long Version)

Blancmange – Waves

Blancmange – Blind Vision

Blancmange – What’s Your Problem?

(Blancmange is interviewed, too)


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2 Responses to MV-43

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Waitaminit…! The Blancmange has an interview? I assumed that you were digitizing your 8″ LD of said Blancmange videos. but I notice that there’s a “What’s Your Problem” clip on that list as well. Do you have the new Blancmange album, “Blanc Burn?” It just came out recently.

    Hey, I remember Kenny Everett’s “Sid Snot” character from the single airing of TKEVS that I saw in the late 70s. I watched because it was British humor. After all, I liked Python, Goodies, and the Dave Allen Show. At the time I had no idea his show was a music showcase in the UK, nor his background as a DJ.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Blancmange interview is from MuchMusic, circa ’85/6.

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