V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N !



…to paraphrase Connie Francis!

As some already know, I ended having to work this summer.  I know…bleh!  But as I had already planned my birthday shenanigans in the fair city of San Francisco, I shall be taking a few days off from the blogosphere at this time.

I believe this is the actual 9th anniversary of the beginning of my music blogging!

So, what’s left to say?  My position to certain music becomes clearer with age (mine or the music’s age?  A:  Both!)  There are always new ways to consider one’s position towards the music of their life.

Monday August 15th, I will return to your monitor screens – with a blazing new “Time Machine” (Phonolog) episode – straight to you from 1971!

Thanks for reading my stuff.  More to come, I assure you.  Still working on ronkane.com!

–          Ron

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2 Responses to V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N !

  1. Robert Gaulke says:

    “ended having to work” as in…retiring from the day job? B

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Bob – Can’t retire until I’m 55 in a few years…

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