James Taylor Quartet


James Taylor Quartet

CD                ABSOLUTE – J.T.Q. LIVE                                                             BIG LIFE UK              BLRCD 13

1991 9 TRKS Live (511573.2)

CD                BIGGER PICTURE, A                                                                    PONY CANYON JP   PCCY-01437

1999 16 TRKS 3 x bonus tracks

CD                CREATION                                                                                      ACID JAZZ US           AJ-68054.2

1997 13 TRKS

CD                DO YOUR THING                                                                           POLYDOR UK           843797.2

1990 11 TRKS

CD5              EXTENDED PLAY                                                                          ACID JAZZ UK           JAZID 110CD

1994 5 TRK CD Single CD5, “EP”


1996 12 TRKS (1 x bonus track)

CD                GET ORGANIZED                                                                          POLYDOR US           839405.2

1989 10 TRKS

CD5              HOPE AND PRAY                                                                          BIG LIFE UK              BLRD 86

1992 4 TRK CD Single CD5

CD                IN THE HAND OF THE INEVITABLE                                          ACID JAZZ UK           JAZID CD115

1995 13 TRKS

CD5              LOVE WILL KEEP US TOGETHER                                            ACID JAZZ UK           JAZID 112CD

1995 4 TRK CD Single CD5

CD                MESSAGE FROM THE GODFATHER                                        UBIQUITY US            URCD 085

2001 10 TRKS

CD                MISSION IMPOSSIBLE                                                                 ACID JAZZ UK           JAZID CD82

1986? 11 TRKS (’93 re-issue) debut album

CD                MONEY SPYDER, THE                                                                 ACID JAZZ UK           JAZID CD81

1987 12 TRKS (’93 re-issue) 2nd album

LP                MONEY SPYDER, THE                                                                 RE-ELECT UK          KENNEDY 1

1987 12 TRKS 2nd album

CD                PENTHOUSE SUITE                                                                     PONY CANYON JP   PCCY-01438

1999 16 TRKS 3 x bonus tracks

CD                SUPERNATURAL FEELING                                                        BIG LIFE UK              BLRCD 21

1993 14 TRKS with Noel McKoy

CD                SWINGING LONDON                                                                    PLR UK                      PLRCD 019

2000 12 TRKS “Library Sessions – Rare / Unreleased”

British Hammond organist James Taylor came from a band called The Prisoners.  The Prisoners apparently fell apart when Stiff Records went bankrupt; in 1985 The James Taylor Quartet was established.

I first knew of tehm as being an artist on the UK Acid Jazz label.  I was quite a fan of Corduroy, so I knew about the Acid Jazz label in the early / mid-90’s.

Their albums are mostly instrumental, though I do have a few that have vocals on ‘em.  To my ears, at times the JTQ sound a bit like the mighty Graham Bond Organization, which accounts for my fandom, I suppose.  I have always enjoyed the sound of the Hammond organ!

The JTQ are particularly renowned for their live performances.  Sadly, I have never been in the right place at the right time to ever see them play live.  I think I only ever saw one music video by them!

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