Time Machine 1971


Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of July 26, 1971

Caught my eye:

JACK BRUCE – Harmony Row (Atco SD 33-365) (LP / CD)

FAMILY – Anyway (U.A. UAS-5527) (LP / CD)

MC5 – High Time (Atlantic SD 8285)

WATTS PROPHETS – Rapping Black In A White World (ALA 1971) (LP)

2nd solo Jack Bruce LP; I had been a Family fan for a few years when their U.A. LP’s started turning up in the 99 cent bin.  Didn’t know about MC5, but I knew that they had swearing on one of their LP’s.  Found the Watts Prophets in a 99 cent bin – incredulous that anybody would release an LP with the word “Watts” in the name (much less the name of the artist).

Also of interest:

ALLMAN BROS. BAND – Live At The Fillmore East (Capricorn/Atco SD 2-802) (double LP) (2LP / 2xSA-CD)

CANNED HEAT – Living The Blues (U.A. UAS-9955) (double LP) re-issue

GODSPELL (O.C.) (Bell 1102)

KING CURTIS – Live At The Fillmore West (Atco 33-359) (CD)

My brother had talked about the Allman Bros. Band; this must be a re-issue of Canned Heat, as the LP originally appeared on Liberty Records.  What can you say about “Godspell”?  “Day By Day”, for instance.  Gotta love King Curtis (R.I.P.).

Notable singles:

BILL BLACK COMBO – Rings b/w Cotton Carnival (Mega 0036)

BONZO DOG BAND – I’m The Urban Spaceman b/w Canyons Of Your Mind (U.A. 50809)

DAVID CROSBY – Traction In The Rain b/w Orleans (Atlantic 2809)

PAUL STOOKEY – The Wedding Song (There Is Love) b/w Give A Damn (Warner 7511)

EDGAR WINTER – You Were My Light b/w Give It Everything You Got (Epic 5-10762)

BBC were done with Hi Records by this point, moving on to Mega Records; The Bonzo 45 is from the “Beast Of” LP, so re-issue time; David Crosby was still trying to get a ‘hit’ with his stalled solo career; Here is the big PP&M solo single success; yet another pre-“Frankenstein” Edgar Winter 45.  It’s not like they weren’t trying!

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2 Responses to Time Machine 1971

  1. Brian Ware says:

    As a Cream fan from the get-go, I immediately invested in Jack’s solo career. “Songs For A Tailor” remains one of my top ten desert island discs. “Harmony Row” is every bit as wonderful, and along with #3 “Out Of The Storm” creates a trilogy that remains his creative zenith. I’m so glad Jack’s still with us.

  2. Ron Kane says:

    Yes, let’s hope he’s healthy, wealthy and wise.

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