As many of you will know, I have been working with my music video collection recently.  From approx. ’82 – ’96, I airchecked tons of music video from MTV, VH-1, MuchMusic, Musique Plus – and wherever else I could find music videos!  Rage – Australia!  The BBC! etc.

At the time I recorded all of this music video, I never thought there would be a format change from tape to disc – but that has happened.  Trouble is – I still have hundreds (if not thousands) of videotapes with music videos on ‘em that I would potentially want to see again!  Will my laser disc player still work?  Well, my old Sony one died, and I was given a Magnavox player that seems to work OK.  The Sony PAL 8mm camera worked well, despite being nearly 25 years old (only mono hi-fi audio, unfortunately).  My Sony slhf-2100 high-end SuperBeta is working well – let’s hope the belts hold out – the remote already died, unfortunately (the screen no longer works).  My NTSC VHS deck still works OK, but my PAL hi-fi VHS deck died.  At present, I also do not have SECAM playback.

Then there’s the problem of what to do with the tape after I x-fer it to DVD-R.  Seems like most places around here consider videotape “hazardous waste” – still need to find somebody locally who will take the mountain of Beta tapes off of my hands!

Have to keep the music videos “sorted”, too!  Discs that I compile various artists are designated as “MV-XXX”; Discs that are single artists only have a 4-digit number assigned.  Non-music feature films are FF-XXXX, Non-music TV shows are TV-XXXX etc.  I got a nice box to file everything, too.

Of course, my first 24 volumes of ‘numbered-only’ single artist discs are all by Frank Zappa.   Not sure how I will incorporate the ‘factory made’ DVD’s into my lists – the idea is to watch out for clips / performances not on the ‘factory made’ DVD’s.

Before I gave up on TV and airchecking, my original “Music Video” list got up to around 25,000 titles – around 1996.  I’ve had a DVD recorder since 2005, and, at present, my list around 1,500 titles now.  Not sure how big I will let the list become – the old list was virtually littered with artists I did not collect and had no interest in.

So why specialize in this type of ephemerals?  I have been a one-man YouTube for years, I can’t stand the low-res stuff.  As long as the SuperBeta still cranks ‘em out, we’re in business.

And then there’s Joe’s laser disc collection – over 500 titles.  I’ll get around to that to, eventually!  Many people reading this are already receiving volumes of Music Videos from me.  If you’d like to see the full list, please contact me.

–          Ron Kane

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2 Responses to DVD-R’s

  1. Brian Ware says:

    I’ve certainly enjoyed the various titles you’ve shared with me, particularly the Kiwi #24. The Blams, Pop Mechanix, Crocodiles, etc. transported me back to the early to mid 80s when it seemed like anything coming out of OZ or NZ could do no wrong. Still hard to believe something like Coconut Rough could be so great yet heard by so few.

  2. Ron Kane says:

    Coconut Rough were a great band…

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