Faust IV


Faust IV

I recently bought a new edition of “Faust IV” – one of my favorite junior high school records.  I got the original almost as soon as it was released and imported to the US (December ’73?).  Faust were one of my favorite bands of the 1970’s, especially in junior high and high school.

This new edition is a 2006 2CD re-mastering as released in Japan by Arcangelo (via Disk Union) – they have created paper sleeves for both the original album, and the ‘bonus album’.  It cost roughly 3,990 yen plus shipping.  Here are the versions of “Faust IV” that I currently possess:

LP                FAUST IV                                 VIRGIN DE                87739 IT

1973 8 TRKS DE original issue, with a sticker on the cover, proclaiming “Faust IV”

LP                FAUST IV                                 VIRGIN ES                87 739 I

1973 8 TRKS Spanish pressing; I bought this in Spain…

LP                FAUST IV                                 VIRGIN FR                840 019

1973 8 TRKS French pressing; I got this in France…

LP                FAUST IV                                 VIRGIN NZ ?             V 2004

1973 8 TRKS NZ or AUS pressing?  I obtained this in NZ…it does not state country of manufacture, and it ain’t English!

LP                FAUST IV                                 VIRGIN UK                V 2004

1973 8 TRKS UK original issue

CDx2           FAUST IV (Deluxe edition)    VIRGIN UK                CDVR 2004

1973 16 TRKS (’06 issue)(9 x bonus tracks)

CDx2           FAUST IV (Kami)                    ARCANGELO JPN   ARC-7350/1

1973 16 TRKS (9 x bonus tracks) kami sleeve (’11 issue)

My fandom for the original Faust’s 4 albums will never lessen or diminish.  I love #1 & #3, but #2 and #4 are superlative, as well.  In a way, Faust IV is the album that they always promised to make; indeed, part of the charm of #1 is that it sounds…”unfinished” / “unpolished”.  Faust IV is polished – all “mistakes” are intentional, I am reasonably certain.

Strangest thing about Faust IV is that is has the Polydor 45 version of “It’s A Bit Of Pain”, but the original LP was on Virgin England.  Neither of the Polydor Faust LP’s were ever licensed by Virgin England – Recommended Records UK got the honors.  I remember having a friend with a Swedish wife translate the spoken part of “It’s A Bit Of A Pain” for me, I must still have the text written down somewhere.

And in “Giggy Smile”, Faust re-visit a wonderful musical theme as found on their 2nd album – to great effect.  And is “The Sad Skinhead” for or against skinheads?

I don’t remember how quickly I found out that Faust were no longer together.  It was heartbreaking, but…I realized that the four albums they created while together initially are near-perfect efforts.

Why don’t you eat carrots?

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