Time Machine 1971 #5


Time Machine 1971 #5 (Strange Days Magazine)

More 1971!  The July 2011 issue of “Strange Days” lists May 1971 album releases as:  Paul & Linda McCartney “Ram (Apple UK LP PAS 10003), Rod Stewart “Every Picture Tells A Story” (Mercury UK LP 6338 063); John Entwistle “Smash Your Head Against The Wall (Track Record UK LP 2406 005); Rory Gallagher “self-titled” (Polydor UK LP 2383 044); Emerson, Lake & Palmer “Tarkus” (Island UK LP ILPS 9155); Edgar Broughton Band “self-titled” (Harvest UK LP SHVL 791); The Grease Band “self-titled” (Harvest UK LP SHVL 790); Southern Comfort “Frog City” (Harvest UK LP SHSP 4012); and Weather Report “self-titled” (Columbia US LP C 30661).

Today, I own 6 of the 9 titles in Strange Days magazine’s picks for May, 1971.  I do not own the Rory Gallagher, Southern Comfort or Weather Report albums.  I liked Taste, but never followed Rory onto his solo albums.  Does this Southern Confort LP have Ian Matthews on it?  I don’t know.  I think I kept a “Best of” CD by Weather Report, but…never particularly went for 70’s US rock / jazz fusion albums.  Sorry, I was listening to lots of German music!

Anything by Paul McCartney was still big news in 1971, so I snapped up “Ram” as quickly as humanly possible – favorite track being “Monkberry Moon Delight” – but what is it about?  Never saw a UK copy of this Rod Stewart LP until many years later, but I did get a US copy for a very good price at a Thrifty drug store!  I really liked that LP at the time, but I didn’t keep it.  Guess I felt Rod was too mainstream for me, at some point in the 70’s?  The John Entwistle LP is still my favorite solo album by any member of The Who – I have friends that I continue to discuss it with, even in 2011.  Similarly, “Tarkus” by ELP is likely my favorite ELP album – though I am very fond of their debut.  How many times have I bought “Tarkus” on LP and CD?  Maybe 6 times?  I got onto the Edger Broughton Band with their 2nd album, “Sing Brother Sing”, so it was a natural for me to seek this one out, but I did not do so until a few years later – however, it was long ago enough that when I special ordered it, it came in!  I certainly like The Grease Band LP more now than I did then, but I knew of it in 1971.  It holds the distinction of being on Harvest in the UK and Shelter Records in the US (hence an implied connection to Leon Russell?).  Henry McCulloch!

It’s worth noting that it took “Tarkus” a month or two to come out in the US, ditto for the John Entwistle album (which was a slightly differing mix, when it made it’s US Decca debut).  And I think the US Rod Stewart LP had better packaging than the UK issue – with it’s tear-off poster / rear cover.

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