The Rolling Stones


The Rolling Stones

Where to go after The Beatles?  The Rolling Stones.

In a scenario similar to The Beatles, my brother is who first showed me British Rolling Stones LP’s – some even had songs never (at that time) released in the US!

Maybe I listened a bit closer to The Rolling Stones – I could afford 45’s, so I started amassing as many of those as I could find – taking fiendish glee in the non-LP B-Sides – “Who’s Driving Your Plane?”, “Sad Day” etc.

My Mother also unwittingly helped my Stones fandom – she got a Lincoln Continental that had an 8-track tape player in it – and the tape that came with it?  “Flowers” by The Rolling Stones – a US collection of 45’s and LP tracks – all from the mid-60’s.

I’ve seen ‘em live at least three times – once at Angel Stadium, standing in the heat of the summer through Etta James, The Outlaws etc.  And again years later at The Rose Bowl, in Pasadena – “Voodoo Lounge” time.  Last time I saw ‘em was at Dodger Stadium – behind “Bridges To Babylon”, I think.  Talk about a tailgate party!  I think I flew to Tokyo the following day…

I was a child in the 1960’s, but the adult antics of the Stones always held an appeal – Marianne Faithfull was quite a babe, eh?  So, they all got arrested.  Or, at very least, all were hounded by the cops.  Solo records never seemed to matter for the dear old Stones.  Did their label have anybody other than Bill Wyman and Peter Tosh signed to ‘em?

And I do have all of my favorite Stones albums as SA-CD’s – 2002 issues for the most part (in a digipak).  There’s some oddball stereo tracks to be found there, too!

However, the prize-winner of stereo Stones CD’s has got to be the Japanese issue of “Hot Rocks 1” – with true stereo recordings of “Satisfaction” and “Get Off Of My Cloud”.

Too bad about Brian Jones, Ian Stewart…I like the first Bill Wyman LP on A&M / Ripple!  “A New Fashion” is a great single!  Oh, don’t miss the 2 x books by Andrew Loog Oldham!  “Stoned” and “2Stoned” – essential reading.

I heard that Abkco is going to re-do the SA-CD’s in the US.  That would be a good thing – let’s hope they keep things going by doing a proper US CD for “No. 2”!  Yes, I have my Japanese paper sleeve CD of “Their Satanic Majesties Request” with the tiny faux-3-D photo insert.

And if you get invited to my funeral / wake, don’t be surprised when “Dandelion” comes blasting out of the speakers – it is my single favorite record of the entire 1960’s.  Not gonna make my funeral?  How about my 60th birthday party in Portland, OR in August, 2018?

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