Time Machine


Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of July 5, 1971

Caught my eye:

AMON DUUL II – Dance Of The Lemmings (United Artists UAS-9954) double LP (LP/CD)

BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS – 4 (Columbia KC-30590) (LP)

HAWKWIND – self-titled (United Artists UAS-5519) (LP/CD)

Amon Duul II was one of the first German bands I noticed that was being offered for sale in the US.  For some reason, in 1971 – there was still some interest in BS&T.  I remember not knowing if Hawkwind was British or German – the LP came out of the 99 cent bin, of course.

Also of interest:

NICK DRAKE – Five Leaves Left (Island/Capitol 9307) (CD)

EAST OF EDEN (Harvest SW-806)


ROSEBUD (Reprise RS 6426)

I remember trying Nick Drake (because it was on Island) and not liking it very much.  I had the 2 x Deram label East of Eden albums, but never got around to this one, which I’m told is quite good.  Andy Roberts was licensed from B&C Records, England.  I knew about Rosebud as it had been on Warner / Reprise sampler LP’s.

Notable singles:

CRAZY HORSE – Dance Dance Dance b/w Carolay (Reprise 1025)

MARVIN GAYE – Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) (Tamla 54207)

JETHRO TULL – Mother Goose b/w Hymn 43 (Reprise 1024)

JONATHAN KING – Lazy Bones (Parrot 3027)

McGUINESS – FLINT – Malt & Barley Blues b/w Rock On (Capitol 3139)

THE MOVE – Tonight b/w Don’t Mess Me Up (Capitol 3126)

Crazy Horse was known as Neil Young’s back-up band.  Big time soul hit for Marvin Gaye.  I don’t remember there being a single from “Aqualung”, but this must be it!  I wouldn’t have cared at the time, as both sides were on the LP.  Never knew Jonathan King was still making 45’s in the US in ’71.  “Happy Birthday, Ruthie Baby” was the McGuinness-Flint single I remember.  I had been a big fan of The Move’s “Looking On” (which had been released on Capitol in the US) – but I never made it any further than that.

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