6-30-11                     Vacation!

The Ron Kane Files is going on a brief vacation at this time.  I will return on 7 / 5 / 2011.

Progress hasn’t been as swift with – so I hope to get that going sooner rather than later.

Still listening, still collecting.  Of particular important to me at this time is both Spike Jones and The Coasters – two of the first artists that I ever wanted to collect!  I recently found the motherlode of Spike Jones 45’s, and I even got his final RCA 45, “Hi Mister!” b/w “This Song Is For The Birds” (1955) – both of which I had never heard before!

I’ve been listening to The Coasters almost as long as I’ve been listening to Spike Jones, but not quite.  My Coasters 45 motherlode was some time ago, but I have still added 4 or 5 new-to-me 45’s this year.  The list of which ones I am looking for isn’t a big list:

–         Wait A Minute / Thumbin’ A Ride (Atco US 45-6186)

–         One Kiss Lead To Another (Atco US 45-6073)

–         Dance / Gee Golly (Atco US 45-6111)

–         The Shadow Knows / Sorry But I’m Gonna Have To Pass (Atco US 45-8126)

–         The Snake & The Bookworm b/w Wrap It Up or Shopping For Clothes (Atco US 45-6178) – I have “Shopping For Clothes” on a different 45, too!

–         Girls Girls Girls (Part 1) / (Part II) (Atco US 45-6204)

–         Ain’t That Just Like Me / Bad Blood (Atco US 45-6210)

–         The P.T.A. / Bull Tick Waltz (Atco US 45-6251)

–         Wild One / I Must Be Dreaming (Atco US 45-6321) B-Side is a re-recording

–         Lady Like / Hongry (Atco US 45-6341) stock copy only (i.e. my promo copy is not in great shape, in other words)

–         Let’s Go Get Stoned / Money Honey (Atco US 45-6356)

–         Crazy Baby (Atco US 45-6379)

–         She’s A Yum Yum / Saturday Night Fish Fry (Atco US 45-6407) the final Atco 45, and a great B-Side!

Only a baker’s dozen!  I do not expect to ever find the “Crazy Baby” 45, as it is a well-known “Northern Soul” single that commands hundreds of whatever currency you are working with.  All the others should be in the $3 – $10 range.

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