Time Machine 1971


Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of June 14, 1971

Caught my eye:

LONG JOHN BALDRY – It Ain’t Easy (Warner WS 1921) (LP)

IAN MATTHEWS – If You Saw Thro’ My Eyes (Vertigo VEL-102) (LP/CD)

JONI MITCHELL – Blue (Reprise 2038) (LP)

ROD STEWART – Every Picture Tells A Story (Mercury SRM-1-609) (LP)

IKE & TINA TURNER – What You Hear Is What You Get (U.A. UAS 953 double live album) (LP/CD)

I remember buying the Rod Stewart LP at a Thrifty Drug Store (on sale!).  I found the Ian Matthews LP in a hippie record store downtown (I wanted it because it was on Vertigo).  I spent my birthday money (I was 13) on the Ike & Tina Turner double LP – and I don’t think my parents ‘approved’ (maybe a little ‘too wild’ for their tastes).

Also of interest:

THE BUOYS – Timothy (Scepter 593)

HAMZA EL DIN – Oud Music From Nubia (Nonesuch H-72041)

BLUE MITCHELL (Mainstream 315)

DONNY OSMOND – The Donny Osmond Album (MGM SE-4782)

JACK WILD – Everything’s Coming Up Roses (Buddah 5083)

Kiddie music from Jack Wilde and Donny Osmond; cannibalism song from The Buoys; Hamza El Din had been on the “You Are What You Eat” original soundtrack LP, so I knew who he was that way; Blue Mitchell is early 70’s groove-funk jazz that I eventually heard on a sampler CD.

Notable singles:

JACKIE LOMAX – Sour Milk Sea b/w Fall Inside Your Eyes (Apple 1834)

CAT STEVENS – Moonshadow b/w I Think I See The Light (A&M 1265)

I date the Lomax single to considerably before 1971 (I have “Fall Inside Your Eyes” as an A-Side, b/w “How The Web Was Woven” – so…is this a re-issue or something?  Apparently – or are they wrong about “Sour Milk Sea” being it’s A / B side?  Decent AM radio hit single for Cat Stevens – I remember the picture sleeve!

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