Time Machine 1971 (Strange Days #4)


Time Machine 1971 – Strange Days #4

I will be writing a lot about 1971 this year, as it’s the 40th anniversary of 1971.  “Strange Days” magazine in Japan also writes a “Time Machine” column, and that’s what today’s list is based upon.  Strange Days is varying it’s lists a bit – last year, it only seemed to bother with UK original releases, and this year – it seems to include some US issues!

The June 2011 issue of “Strange Days” lists April 1971 album releases as:  The Doors “L.A. Woman” (Elektra US EKS       75011), The Rolling Stones “Sticky Fingers” (Rolling Stones Records US / UK COC 59100), David Bowie “The Man Who Sold The World” (Mercury UK 6338 041), Thin Lizzy “self-titled debut” (Decca UK SKL 5082), Caravan “In The Land Of Grey & Pink” (Deram UK SDL-R1), Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young “4 Way Street” (Atlantic SD2-902); Procol Harum “Broken Barricades” (Chrysalis / Island UK ILPS 9158), The Nice “Elegy” (Charisma UK CAS 1013) and Captain Beefheart “Mirror Man” (Buddah US LP).

I remember April, 1971’s releases like the back of my hand!  I got the LP by The Doors ASAP, as the “Love Her Madly” single was great; Couldn’t wait to get my hands on “Sticky Fingers” – dismayed yet again, as the US & UK covers differ slightly; I did not know who David Bowie was, so missed even the US Mercury “MWSTW” release, but within a year or so, I would definitely know who he was.  Did not know anything about Thin Lizzy or Caravan.  I duly got to Caravan at the suggestion of a friend who knew I liked The Soft Machine.

I did not buy the CSN&Y double live album at the time, it was rather expensive – and I was not overly enamored of double live albums, either.  The Procol Harum was the perfect LP for me, then and now.  It’s easily my favorite PH LP.  I may have known about The Nice in 1971, but…definitely didn’t get this one right away (and it did receive a US issue, at some point).  For Don Van Vliet, I worshipped at the shrine of “Trout Mask Replica”, not “Mirror Man” – it felt like a cash-in album, being released by his previous record company, while he was signed to Straight / Reprise.

So, I own 7 of the 9 titles today!  I have deluxe editions of several, too.  The SA-CD of “Sticky Fingers” is still forthcoming.  I have a 5.1 DVD-A of “L.A. Woman”, and little paper album covers (kami sleeve CD’s) for David Bowie, Caravan and Procol Harum.  I do not own any copies of either the Thin Lizzy or Captain Beefheart albums here today.  Of the 7 that I do own today, I think the CSN&Y is the sole one I do not have a CD of.

So, I feel like I really know this particular release schedule.  Already becoming set in my adult listening habits, by April, 1971 – at age 12 – I will turn 13 on August 10, 1971.

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