Time Machine 1971


Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of May 31, 1971

Caught my eye:

BONZO DOG BAND – The Beast Of The Bonzoes (U.A. UAS-5517)

SOFT MACHINE – Fourth (Columbia C 30754) (LP)

McGUINNESSFLINT – Happy Birthday Ruthie Baby (Capitol ST-794) (CD)

AL KOOPER – New York City (You’re A Woman) (Columbia KC-30506) (LP / CD)

A Bonzo Dog Band best of for the US market, presumably at the time they broke up (?) – I own a UK version, released before this one; the final Soft Machine release with Mr. Robert Wyatt; Ex-Manfred Mann men in McGuinness-Flint (and a great single of the same name); Al Kooper’s solo career continues – I was no longer paying attention to him in 1971 – but I like him just fine in 2011.

Also of interest:

WEATHER REPORT – self-titled (Columbia C 30661)

PERCY FAITH – Theme From “A Summer Place” (Harmony KH-30607) re-issue

PETE JOLLY – Seasons (A&M SP-3033)

‘Fusion jazz’ from Weather Report, unknown in 1971; EZ hit re-issue from Percy Faith, with his early 60’s hit; “Easy Jazz” from A&M jazz pianist guy Pete Jolly.

Notable singles:

DEEP PURPLE – Strange Kind Of Woman b/w I’m Alone (Warner 7493)

FIVE MAN ELECTRICAL BAND – Signs b/w Hello Melinda (Lionel 3213)

FREE – I’ll Be Creepin’ b/w Mr. Big (A&M 1266)

VELVET UNDERGROUND – Oh Sweet Nuthin’ b/w Who Loves The Sun (Cotillion 44107)

A good Deep Purple single, but definitely not a hit in the US; decent AM radio hit with FMEB “Signs” (sounds a bit like John Lennon, eh?); A Free single that isn’t “All Right Now”; the final vinyl 45 for VU?

This release schedule almost seems like they’re ‘holding off’ for summer to arrive, doesn’t it?  No big releases this week.

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