200 Blogs on WordPress (already)

5-24-11 – 200 Blogs on WordPress (already) + Gutbucket + Pink Floyd SA-CD

Hard to believe it, but according to WordPress, I’ve already submitted 200 blogs to be published (with this one today).

Seems like only recently that WordPress was suggested to me by Jim Donato.  No complaints about the service, as yet.  Same or better than Blogger.  The stats on this blog show the readership at a much greater number than the number of folks who comment on stuff.  Yes, there are quite a few ‘spam’ comments to deal with as well.

= = =

Within the last month, I have moved towards only posting 4 times a week (instead of five).  It’s true – some days, I have a hard time thinking of what to write about!  Lately, I have been writing stuff very recently – compared to when it gets posted.  Fresh thoughts!

= = =

A short while ago, we all went and saw a New York band called Gutbucket at the Redcat Theatre in downtown Los Angeles.  Good stuff!  They vaguely remind me of my other favorite new group, Polar Bear.  Is it jazz?  Is it noisy?  I really enjoyed the show, and I am enjoying their albums “A Modest Proposal” and “Flock”.  The men of Gutbucket played all up and down the west coast recently.

I am so encouraged that there are ‘new’ acts for me to listen to and follow!  Seems like I went quite a while without adding anything new to my palette.

Gutbucket are for fans of The Lounge Lizards (John Lurie), Polar Bear, Arto Lindsay etc. – you get the picture.  Jazz that isn’t jazz.

I bought LP’s from them, so I don’t have any CD booklets that fit easily onto the scanner.

= = =

I recently read that Pink Floyd are going to make an SA-CD of “Wish You Were Here”.  I hope they also make a DVD-A for those not lucky enough to have an SA-CD player.  I bet it’s an amusing multi-channel album.  DSOTM is a reasonably good multi-channel effort.

I was amused to read Nick Mason’s comments about it being “nearing the time when physical things like records will no longer be sold”.

Old enough to know better, so – cry, baby, cry…

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7 Responses to 200 Blogs on WordPress (already)

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I’ve never had a spam comment, but then I have closed my blog off to search engines. People can only find my blog by random [good luck there] or from links to comments I’ve made elsewhere. Like you, I seem to have developed a “core audience.” Lots of interesting dialogues developed with people previously unknown to me like Echorich and Taffy. I never build up posts. At most, I’ll draft a post by title and maybe a descriptive sentence to return to later. I’m almost at 150 posts, but I have been very busy with freelance work and have been traveling a lot during my time on WordPress. Like you, no problems to speak of, and I find it much more customizable than Blogger. I have been moved to use WordPress as a CMS for some websites I’ve developed. I just did my first install of WordPress on a remote server and it was as easy as pie.

  2. postpunkmonk says:

    The last two times that I recently grabbed all of the text on my home page and dumped it into a word processor it revealed that slightly less than a month worth of posts has consistently equalled slightly over 10,000 words. That surprises me. But maybe not. I’m so long-winded it’s hard for me to find a topic I can write a succinct 350-500 word post on. I wish I had more quickies I could crank out in the portion of my lunch hour [30-45 min.] I relegate this activity to.

  3. postpunkmonk says:

    By the way, I just discovered the DSOTM “Immersion Edition.” It’s pretty damned thorough if you’re that far into it [and some might be]. If it was your favorite album, you’d definitely want to part with the $130 [preorder price] for all of that stuff!

    • ronkanefiles says:

      I already have DSOTM as a 5.1 SA-CD, so doubt I’ll go there. But an SA-CD of WYWH interests me, especially in 5.1 – never heard that in 5.1 before!

      • postpunkmonk says:

        I have to admit that that album, as mixed in 2.0, is begging for 5.1! I wouldn’t pass it up as it’s my favorite of the “superstar” Floyd albums. My wife wanted a copy recently, and she was in a phase where she listened to it for about three weeks. I wasn’t too bothered by that since I always had a soft spot for that album and often thought of picking up a used CD for the last 28 years or so.

      • postpunkmonk says:

        Ah! But do you also have the Alan Parson’s 1973 QUAD mix?

  4. ronkanefiles says:

    Yes, but no way to play it in Quad – it being an LP. I doubt there’s a Quad 8-track of it around here anymore, but…possible, I suppose. Still no help, as I own no working Quad LP or tape set-up. Just the new-fangled 5.1 SA-CD / DVD setup.

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