Yes – Fragile (DVD-Audio)


Yes – “Fragile” DVD-Audio

I only got my 5.1 sound system in January 2011, and I went looking for multi-channel entertainment.  In my search, I saw Yes “Fragile” mentioned as one of the better sounding multi-channel (5.1) DVD Audio titles.  My smile turned to a frown, when I saw it being sold for $150 on!

I frantically went to Ameoba Hollywood in search of a used copy – for a better price than $150 – but could not find a copy for sale there.  I did all of my usual L.A. record store hiding places – but…nothing.  Until…

Well, the other weekend, I found it in an un-named used CD store for $15 – bingo!

Yes, it’s a true 5.1 mix.  No, I do not consider it worth $150.  (I don’t actually consider any 5.1 mix of anything worth $150).

The booklet in the DVD-A is nice, literally re-producing all of the original color booklet in the original LP edition.  I do also have a nice stereo-only Japanese paper sleeve SHM-CD of this title, which also faithfully reproduces the entire original packaging.  The DVD-A was released by Rhino / Elektra in 2002 – doubtlessly out of print, in 2011.

The rear channels are usually keyboards / synthesizers; sometimes some vocals, percussion etc.  Rather entertaining.  It is the version of “Fragile” that boasts the bonus track “America” – a cover version of the Paul Simon tune (also remixed for 5.1!)

I was really pleased to find a copy for a reasonable price.  I wish I could find all of the 5.1 channel discs that I seek for $15 ea, used!

So, what am I still looking for on DVD-Audio?

THE BAND – Last Waltz

THE BAND – Music From Big Pink


DAVID BOWIE – David Live

ERIC CLAPTON – There’s One In Every Crowd


B.J. COLE – Trouble In Paradise

ALICE COOPER – Billion Dollar Babies

DEEP PURPLE – Machine Head


QUEEN – The Game

LEON RUSSELL – Leon Russell

TOY MATINEE – Toy Matinee

NEIL YOUNG – Harvest

NEIL YOUNG – On The Beach

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2 Responses to Yes – Fragile (DVD-Audio)

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Hmm. I’m glad you got a desired disc at a good price! I always assumed that “America” was on either “Yes” or “Time And A Word.” Both albums I never had, but when I looked into those on neither of those albums contained “America.” Even the current dlx RMs don’t have it. I can only find the track as a album bonus track on very recent [2000+] RMs of “Fragile” as released by Rhino. Was it a one-off single? That’s hardly in keeping with the progressive rock ethos! Well, I can only see a Dutch 7″ on I remember hearing the track during my “FM Rock” dalliance. Where did it get a larger airing back in the day? Curious.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    In the year after “Fragile”, Yes were asked to contribute a track to a British Atlantic Records sampler LP, “The New Age Of Atlantic” (K 20024), 1972 – which also had a non-LP Led Zeppelin track (“Hey Hey What Can I Do”). The Yes track has featured on all post-’00 re-masters of “Fragile”, incl. the version presently available everywhere (and on the SHM-CD kami sleeve version). “America” is obviously in favor these days, as it was considered and remixed for 5.1 for the “Fragile” DVD-A!

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