August 1975


August 1975

I just found an August 1975 Warner Brothers US 45rpm / LP release schedule:

Jessie Colin Young – Motorhome

Seals & Crofts – Castles In The Sand

Jethro Tull – Minstrel In The Gallery *

The Impressions – Same Thing It Took

Leroy Hutson – Can’t Stay Away

Slade – How Does It Feel *

The Bang Gang – Who Said Honky’s Ain’t Got No Soul

Felix Cavaliere – Never Felt Love Before

= = =

Black Sabbath – Sabotage *

V.A. – All Meat (Sampler 2LP)

San Sebastian Strings – With Love

Chris Ducey – Duce of Hearts

Ken Hensley – Eager To Please

Waldo De Los Rios – Symphonies for the 70’s

Geoff Muldaur – Is Having A Wonderful Time *

Al Jarreau – We Got By

Rod Stewart – Atlantic Crossing *

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Nightingales & Bombers

Chip Taylor – This Side of the Big River

* I’ve got the ones with an asterisk

I came back and got the Black Sabbath after I really enjoyed “Never say Die” (1978); I got the 25 track “All Meat” 2LP sampler some years later (though not at the time); I more recently got the Geoff Muldaur LP, as I really enjoyed “Pottery Pie”, the LP he made with (his then-wife) Maria Muldaur; and I definitely did not buy the Rod Stewart at the time, but got it 20+ years later, when ‘working on my vinyl’ was in full effect.  I had neither of the two marked 45’s at the time either – I was totally ignorant of Slade in ’75, and I got off of the Jethro Tull bandwagon after “Thick As A Brick” (but am OK with ‘em in 2011).

A bit surprised to see the San Sebastian Strings and Waldo De Los Rios LP’s here – still dabbling in “EZ hits” in ’75, eh?  No idea who Chris Ducey is / was (still don’t even after reading his ‘hype sheet’).  Ken Hensley is / was from Uriah Heep (who I was not ‘doing’ in ’75).  I remember folks talking about Al Jarreau a lot in the mid-70’s, how he was so great – and undiscovered (yet).  Manfred Mann’s Earth Band didn’t make an impression on the public in the US until “Blinded By The Light” (1976).  Always been interested in Chip Taylor, the singer / songwriter – he’s the author of “Wild Thing” (and still making music / records in 2011).

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