Time Machine 1971


Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of May 17, 1971

Caught my eye:

ATOMIC ROOSTER – Death Walks Behind You (Elektra EKS-74094) (LP/CD)

BEGGAR’S OPERA – Act One (Verve V6-5080) (CD)

MIKE HERON – Smiling Men With Bad Reputations (Elektra EKS-74093) (LP/CD)

LES McCANN & EDDIE HARRIS – Second Movement (Atlantic SD 1583) (LP/CD)

ROLLING STONES – Sticky Fingers (Rolling Stones COC 5910) (LP/CD)

UNCLE DIRTY – Primer (Elektra EKS-74097) (LP)

I got the Atomic Rooster as soon as I found a cheap copy of it.  I had an Elektra sampler LP from this month – so I heard all of the Elektra titles here, and bought quite a few of them (there were ones I didn’t list, notably “The Quinames Band”).  This is the Mike Heron album with The Who guesting as “Tommy & The Bijoux” (on one track).  The follow-up to McCann / Harris’ “Swiss Movement”.  And a decent Rolling Stones LP, their first for Atlantic.  The debut Beggar’s Opera LP, licensed from Vertigo Records in England.  Uncle Dirty is / was a stand-up comedian.

Also of interest:

NAZZ – Nazz III (SGC SD 5004)

O.S.T. – Melody (Bee Gees etc.) (Atco SD 33-363) (LP)


STEVE WINWOOD – self-titled, double LP collection (U.A. UAS 9950)

We forget – Todd R. was ‘Nazz’ well into the 70’s.  An ‘iffy’ Bee Gees / various artists soundtrack.  Strange electronic LP from T.E.H.B.  And a Winwood compilation, with Traffic and Spencer Davis Group material (likely cashing in on Winwood’s success with both Blind Faith and Traffic’s success after leaving U.A. (in the US) to go with the U.S. Island label licensee, Capitol Records.

Notable singles:

ALICE COOPER – Hallowed Be Thy Name b/w Caught In A Dream (Warner 7490)

EDGAR WINTER – Where Would I Be (Epic 5-10750)

Not a huge week for singles – a non-hit Alice Cooper title and a pre-“Frankenstein” Edgar Winter 45.

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