Time Machine 1971


Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of May 10, 1971

Caught my eye:

BEAVER & KRAUSE – Gandharva (Warner 1909) (CD)

FAIR WEATHER – Beginning From An End (Neon NE 1) (LP)

HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS – self-titled (Metromedia 1039)

INDIAN SUMMER – self-titled (Neon NE 3) (LP/CD)


The first US release of the British Neon label!  Olav Wyper!  I love the Indian Summer album, and always have!  Fair Weather = Andy Fairweather-Lowe.  Chris McGregor was a South African leading a jazz band in England / Europe.  I saw him live in Paris before he died.  Is this the “Boobs A Lot” HMR LP?  (Yep)  Synth / instrumental weirdness from Beaver & Krause!

Also of interest:

STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK – Changes (Vocalion / Uni 73915)

CANNED HEAT – Live In Europe (U.A. UAS 5509)

JEFF STURGES & UNIVERSE – self-titled (Mam 1)

BAHA MARIMBA BAND – As Time Goes By (A&M SP-4298) (LP)

S.A.C. – the strangeness continues.  Canned Heat Live LP finally gets a U.S. release.  Debut LP on the British ‘Mam’ label.  A&M label gives us the final A&M BMB LP (My mom & dad liked the BMB).  I don’t think I remember the Struges album – do you?

Notable singles:

JOE COCKER – High Time We Went b/w Black Eyed Blues (A&M 1258)

JANIS JOPLIN – Mercedes Benz b/w Cry Baby (Columbia 4-45379)

BEAVER & KRAUSE – Walkin’ By The River b/w Saga Of The Blue Beaver (Warner 7485)

CHICAGO – Lowdown (Columbia 4-45370)

HERB ALPERT & THE TIJUANA BRASS – Summertime b/w Hurt So Bad (A&M 1261)

FACES – Maybe I’m Amazed b/w Oh Lord I’m Browned Off (Warner 7483)

Good Joe Cocker A-Side.  Posthumous Janis Joplin 45.  B&K single from “Gandharva”.  A fine Chicago A-Side (a version of it exists sung in Japanese!).  Rod Stewart & The Faces single from “Long Player”, with a cool non-LP (instrumental) B-Side.

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