Mott The Hoople (CBS era)


Mott The Hoople (CBS era)

Can you say transmogrification?  How did Mott The Hoople become David Bowie?  Of no matter – but it clearly saved their collective bacon!

Ah, the glam rock era of Mott The Hoople!

CD                ALL THE YOUNG DUDES                                                     COLUMBIA US     CK 31750

1972 10 TRKS David Bowie, prod.

LP                ALL THE YOUNG DUDES                                                     COLUMBIA US     PC 31750

1972 10 TRKS David Bowie, prod.

7″                 ALL THE YOUNG DUDES re-issue                                     COLUMBIA US     13-33249

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, re-issue (original 45 had “One Of The Boys” on the B-Side

CD                MOTT                                                                                         COLUMBIA US     CK 32425

1973 9 TRKS

7″                 HONALOOCHIE BOOGIE / ROSE                                        COLUMBIA US     4-45882

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

CD                THE HOOPLE                                                                          COLUMBIA US     CK 32871

1974 9 TRKS

LP                THE HOOPLE                                                                          CBS UK                 69062

1974 9 TRKS insert

7″                 GOLDEN AGE OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL                                      COLUMBIA US     4-46035

1974 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

  7″                 SATURDAY GIG                                                                       CBS UK                 S CBS 2754

1974 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

CD                G.H.                                                                                            CBS/SONY JPN   28DP 1064

1976 10 TRK Collection

LP                G.H.                                                                                            COLUMBIA US     PC 34368

1976 10 TRK Collection


CD                MOTH POET HOTEL (Mott The Hoople Tribute)               TRIAD JPN           COCA-13627

1996 10 TRKS Brian May of Queen – but otherwise mostly Japanese artists

CDx2           MOTT THE HOOPLE, FRIENDS & RELATIVES                 EAGLE US            EDGCD 104

1999 26 TRK Compilation – a rag-tag bunch of British Lions etc.

And all of this leads to a solo career for Ian Hunter, of course.  Mick Ralphs eventually found favor in Bad CompanyMorgan Fisher moved to Japan, after performing as The Hybrid Kids.

And the MTH crew rocked on…always overlooked – Ian Hunter probably gets more than his share of the credit for the initial successes of Mott The Hoople, but – they really were a band!  And I know they all worked very hard.

Frankly, I am surprised that they never get compared to the Rolling Stones of their era.

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1 Response to Mott The Hoople (CBS era)

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Well, I always thought that Ian Hunter’s brief was to couple the raunch attack of The Stones with the lyrics of Bob Dylan. I always felt that was the continuum that he was striving for, and for the most part, attained. I have “Mad Shadows,” “Mott,” and “The Hoople,” and a brace of Ian’s solo albums. I’ve always felt his songwriting was above par and under appreciated. I liked how he was Old Wave that emerged through the crucible of Punk unscathed! All the young punks were Mott fans, and rightly so. If mainstream rock had the qualities that Ian brought to the table, then Punk would not have been necessary. That Mick [Clash] Jones worked with him on the intriguing and eclectic “Short Back N’Sides” was pretty interesting. Many fans disliked that album, but not me. Then again, “Sandinista!” is my favorite Clash album.

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