Time Machine 1971 – Strange Days (#3)


Time Machine 1971 #3 (Strange Days)

I will be writing a lot about 1971 this year, as it’s the 40th anniversary of 1971.  “Strange Days” magazine in Japan also writes a “Time Machine” column, and that’s what today’s list is based upon.  Strange Days is varying it’s lists a bit – last year, it only seemed to bother with UK original releases, and this year – it seems to include some US issues!

The May 2011 issue of “Strange Days” lists March 1971 album releases as:  The Kinks – “Percy” O.S.T. Pye UK LP NSPL 18365), Jimi Hendrix – “The Cry Of Love” (Reprise US LP MS 2034 or Track Record UK LP 2408 101), The Rolling Stones – “Stone Age” (Decca UK compilation LP SKL 5084), Jethro Tull – “Aqualung” (Chrysalis / Island UK LP ILPS 9145), Humble Pie – “Rock On” (A&M UK LP AMLS 986), Faces – “Long Player” (Warner UK LP WS 3011), Mott The Hoople – “Wildlife” (Island UK LP ILPS 9144), Carly Simon – “Carly Simon” (Elektra US LP EKS 74082) and Steeleye Span – “Please To See The King” (B&C UK LP CAS 1029).

Never the world’s biggest Kinks fan, and I do not think I own the “Percy” O.S.T. LP at all – unless it appears on Kinks’ compilations – of which I own a few.  I like The Kinks much better in 2011 than I did in 1971!  The Jimi Hendrix LP is posthumous, and – to be completely honest – it’s not anywhere close to my favorite JH LP – never have heard if it got broken up and re-purposed / re-mixed for a ‘modern day’ project.  The Rolling Stones is a non-essential compilation LP made right about the time that they left Decca UK – it’s a “cash in” LP, folks!

Jethro Tull “Aqualung” is probably the LP here today that looms the largest for me.  I definitely bought it as a UK import before the Reprise US copy was made available.  Two different versions of this LP from the get go!  UK copy has the “Aqualung” opening riff played more times before the song starts!  AND this LP was mixed for Quad within a few years of it’s release, but…it’s a very different mix of it.  And the US 45 from this LP had the variant “Wind Up” (an edited version thereof) as it’s B-Side.

Never really did the hard rock version of Humble Pie, sorry.  Along with Jethro Tull, I got the Faces LP as soon as it got a US release – I did not get the UK copy until later on.  A great LP, in the style of The Rolling Stones of the day – and better than a Rod Stewart solo album!  For dear old Mott The Hoople, I had “Mad Shadows”, and I was still chewing on that when “Wildlife” walked down the pike.  I like it just fine in 2011, I must admit.

Never saw the attraction of Carly Simon – apart from the nipples on that one other LP cover.  The last few years have found me buying British original Steeleye Span LP’s – and, yes, I do own a UK copy of “Please To See The King” – fine British trad / ‘rocker’ folk music – though I do have a Mooncrest UK re-issue.

My regular Time Machine 1971 from Phonolog returns next Monday!

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