Ultimate Collection Re-Cap


Ultimate Collection Re-Cap

It’s time to return to the idea of my having an “Ron Kane Ultimate Collection”.  If I was ever going to start selling stuff – the stuff in my Ultimate Collection would be the titles I would start with.

UC001            Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention – We’re Only In It For The Money (1968) – though you can substitute the 3CD set “Lumpy Money”, currently available from www.zappa.com

UC002            John Cage & David Tudor – Indeterminacy (1959) – boy, I sure hope Folkways Records keeps this 2CD set in print forever!  http://www.folkways.si.edu/

UC003            Split Enz – Mental Notes (1975) – not to be confused with the US Split Enz title “Mental Notes” – which is actually known in Australasia as “Second Thoughts”.  Warner Australia has done a lovely re-mastered version.  http://www.redeye.com.au/about.asp#top

UC004            Gruppo Sportivo – The Buddy Odor Stop (1979) – offered as ½ of a CD together with “10 Mistakes” – last time I looked, it was available on Pseudonym Records in Holland.  http://seedyroad.com/grupposportivo/

UC005            Hajime Tachibana – H (1982) – not 100% sure that this is currently available – even in Japan!  Check www.amazon.co.jp

UC006            Procol Harum – Broken Barricades (1971) – definitely released in Europe now on the Salvo label.  I’ve seen this for sale in Los Angeles.

UC007            John Entwistle – Smash Your Head Against The Wall (1971) – definitely available from Sanctuary Records in England.  I’ve seen this for sale in Los Angeles.

These are all records that I can recommend without too much fuss – I hope all of these remain in print!

Very soon I will be ready to start adding titles to this list – but not just yet.  There are thousands of records to consider – and the one I was thinking of adding next – Thomas Diethelm & Santino Famulari – Valleys In My Head – is most likely out-of-print at this time.  So, it may end up being that one or…I might try to choose something else that I know is in print / available.

I will return on Monday with a new Time Machine 1971 list from Strange Days magazine in Japan!

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