Polar Bear


    Polar Bear

A few weeks ago, we were watching a DVD-R that was sent to me from England of “Later with Jools Holland”, the BBC TV show.  The show we were watching was from April, 2010.  It was your typical ‘new artists only’ show – well, not typical in the US anymore – but typical for Jools Holland.  New bands, new artists – and usually one old geezer that Jools will knowingly talk to, but that nobody else in the room can seem to understand why they’re there.

The Jools Holland show has been on TV in England for many years, and I’ve watched it on videotape and I now watch it on DVD-R.  Well, in it’s current incarnation, there’s a 30 minute ‘teaser show’ shown during the week, then a full 60 minute show shown later on.  It was during the ‘proper show’ that Polar Bear were allowed to play the title track from their 2010 album, “Peepers” – I was floored.

They are British jazz – but looks / sounds to me that it’s a rock band playing this music.  They are lead by two sax players and their bassist uses a double bass – and there are electronics and drums.  ( Think: Tortoise / Lounge Lizards / Don Rendell )  Polar Bear are part of some loose jazz collective in England – F-IRE – but I know little about that, other than to say I’ve read about ‘em online.

Amoeba Hollywood only had their remix album on CD, so I ‘went looking’ – and found their two newest full length albums (on CD) at Wayside Music, whose email I get every Monday morning.

The story so far:

Dim Lit (Babel / Rub UK CD, 2004?)

Held On The Tips Of Fingers (Babel / Rub UK CD, 2005)

Polar Bear (Tin Angel UK CD, 2008)

Peepers (Leaf UK CD, 2010)

Common Ground (with Jyager) (Leak UK CD, 2010 – remixes)

I must find those first two albums on CD!  Wayside has “Polar Bear” for a good price, and “Peppers” was actually in stock there (not as inexpensive as “Polar Bear”, but still an OK price now a new UK CD)


And just like me, Polar Bear are on WordPress!


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4 Responses to Polar Bear

  1. Warren Bowman says:

    Which of the albums that you have would you recommend starting with.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Their 2010 album, “Peepers” – available here: http://www.waysidemusic.com/search.aspx?keyword=polar+bear

    I could not find this CD title stocked in Los Angeles (such as at Amoeba). Wayside also has a good price on their 2008 album “Polar Bear”, but start with “Peepers”!

  3. Warren Bowman says:

    Got “Peepers”. It’s red hot!

  4. ronkanefiles says:

    How’d you get it so quick? Did you download it or something?

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