Seeing an Egg LP in yesterday’s Time Machine…made me think of how much I enjoy this band, with so few actual releases!


1974 7 TRKS 3rd


1974 7 TRKS UK original issue

CD EGG (1970)                     DERAM UK         844168.2

1970 10 TRKS 1st (2 x bonus tracks)

CD POLITE FORCE              DERAM JPN       POCD-1844

1970 7 TRKS 2nd

The first two Egg LP’s were somewhat readily available in the 99 cent bins of the day,  I sold my copies thereof to Japan in the 80’s for some ridiculous amount and never looked back.  Actually, I sold all three to Japan for the serious money.  And I do own Japanese CD’s of all three proper Egg albums.

But “Civil Surface” really stuck with me.  I greatly missed having the LP of it, and I did re-buy an original UK copy for about 1/10 of what I sold my copy of it for.

Dave Stewart went on to be in both Hatfield & The North and National Health.  Modern day readers may recognize him as ½ of Stewart and Gaskin.  And, yes, Barbara Gaskin sings on “Civil Surface”.

Canterbury inspired progressive rock?  British jazz rock?  British classical music?  What exactly is “Civil Surface”?  It took years for it to grow on me, but it did – gloriously so.  It is easily my favorite of the three Egg albums.  The wind quartets bring to mind Henry Cow, a bit.  Some of the real electric stuff is highly reminiscent of Soft Machine (at their very finest).

Father Time is a well-connected old geezer, and Burning Shed have some Egg titles available – of which I know little / nothing:

No, this isn’t the sweetness of the Stewart & Gaskin CD;s – it’s real Canterbury stuff – not quite jazz or rock, but…jazzrock?  Superlative keyboards, inventive arrangements, totally understated vocals.  Heavenly!

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