4-15-11                     www.ronkane.com

Been working on this one for quite a while now, but very soon (not just yet) I will announce www.ronkane.com

I’ve been writing 5 days a week since July, 2002.  I’ll try to distill some of the better writing once we get to the new site.

2011 may well be a ‘turning point’ year for me.  The only new music discovery for me recently is Polar Bear, from England.  http://www.polarbearmusic.com/wordpress/ British jazz and wonderful.

I am buying tons of 45’s, as I feel that I still have a lot to learn from 45’s.  My retirement is still a ways off, but I thought that I’d better get a dedicated website up and running for a few years, before I try to depend upon it for income.

That’s right! I am going to have a website where I sell stuff.  Not interested in Yahoo or Amazon; the fees at eBay drive me nuts.  With my own site, I can set the prices – and not have to ‘watch auctions’.  Set sale only.

I ran a small mail-order company in the 80’s called ANZ (for Australia / New Zealand), so it’s not like I haven’t done this all before.  I’ve worked in numerous record stores since 1976, I worked for Music Inferno before most people even realized the power of the internet – way back in the mid-90’s!

It was hell getting it released from Google / Go Daddy, but with the help of Barbara Hughes, this monumental feat was accomplished.

So, my website will be www.ronkane.com and will officially be called “Ron Kane – Music Life”.  Not sure if I’ll get a Chase account (shopping cart), or if payment for stuff will be via PayPal.  Any thoughts?

You can go there now, but you will be greeted with a “Host Gator” screen, as no content has yet been added.

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4 Responses to www.ronkane.com

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Shopping carts need lots of hosting mojo but at least you won’t be giving money to e[vil]-bay! Always host on Linux! 90% of the web is geared for this. The vast array of open source software is geared for this. Windows hosting makes sense only for Fortune 500 companies with the deep pockets to pay for insanely pricey .Net development. For mere mortals you WILL be thwarted at doing ANYTHING using free open source software.

    Also, congrats for extricating yourself from GoDaddy; the sleazy kings of nickle + dime upsell! How I despise them so!!!!! Make ANY change to your hosting and it’ll cost ya! Good luck in navigating their hellish web dashboard to achieve anything. 40% of the user interface is marketing upsell and “smoking hot crazy blondes!” They are the kings of bottom feeding and I would caution anyone from dealing with them.

  2. David Z says:

    I’ve always had good luck with PayPal.

    Good luck with your new (ad)venture! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  3. ronkanefiles says:

    If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look – my graphic is now up, replacing the HostGator stuff!

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