Oriental Magnetic Yellow



Never exactly certain of the whole story, I first started noticing O.M.Y. ( = Oriental Magnetic Yellow) titles on visits to Tokyo.


2001 12 TRKS

CD ORIENTAL MAGNETIC YELLOW                          PONY CANYON JP           PCCB-00235

1996 13 TRKS

CD SONIC SKATE SURVEYOR      PONY CANYON JP                   PCCB-00243

1997 10 TRKS

CD TECHNODERUCK                    PONY CANYON JP                   PCCB-00265

1997 10 TRKS

CD X O BREEDS                           PONY CANYON JP                   PCCB-00246

1997 12 TRKS

With their 5th album turning up on Scitron Records – it pretty much confirms the story that I’ve heard about them being musicians involved in the video game music industry.

Over these 5 CD’s they have successfully parodied all of Y.M.O.’s albums.  Yes, that’s fairly specialized!  In other words, over roughly the same amount of time that the original Y.M.O. works were created – O.M.Y. have created parody works, with similar covers, song construction, sound – but just different enough to not actually  infringe any copyrights.

“Naughty Boys” becomes “Nancy Boys”; “Service” becomes “Nervous” etc.  Get the idea?  A question to which I do not have the answer:  Why?

These guys are obviously huge Y.M.O. fans.

Oh yes – there is at least one I am missing – where they parody solo works of Y.M.O. members!

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4 Responses to Oriental Magnetic Yellow

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Wow, that’s hilarious! How wonderful that such a body of work exists.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    It would be similar to Rain (The Beatles tribute band) re-recording each song on each album, but re-writing everything – just slightly – so as to not have to pay any publishing.

    One has to wonder what Y.M.O. think of this. The ‘sound’ can be similar in a clever way.


  3. ronkanefiles says:

    They may be a little young to have had The Rutles have that impact on them, but it’s certainly a possibility. I know The Rutles were popular in Japan. O.M.Y. actually sound closer to Y.M.O. than The Rutles did to The Beatles.

    The graphics for The Rutles are truly inspired genius.

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