Bob Dylan


Bob Dylan

The other week, we went to San Diego for a vacation – we saw and heard a lot of Bob Dylan – his painted portrait up in a coffee house downtown, more than one version of “Like A Rolling Stone” etc.  It seemed like Bob was everywhere in San Diego.

To be clear, I have been a fan ever since first hearing “Like A Rolling Stone” in approx. 1965.  As a youngster, I managed to get most of his 1965 – 1970 stuff in real time as new releases, and age has only brought about wisdom that encouraged me to try other titles recorded around this time, though not released at that time.

So, if you want to have some Dylan in your collection, I recommend the following titles to you – most are available as SA-CD’s, so try and find those versions on CD.  The recent “mono box” has a lot of the right records in it, but…I do not recommend all of ‘em.  What I do recommend:

CDx2 BASEMENT TAPES                                                       8229.2

1975 24 TRKS (’67 recording) (’09 issue)

CDx3 BIOGRAPH (3CD boxed set)                                       C3K 65298

1985 53 TRK Collection, boxed set

CDx2 BLONDE ON BLONDE                                                 C2H 90325

1966 14 TRKS (’03 issue) multi-channel SA-CD

CDx3 BOOTLEG SERIES, Vols. 1 – 3 (3CD boxed set)     C3K 65302

1991 58 TRK Collection ’61 – ’91 recordings

CD BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME                                  CH 90326

1965 11 TRKS (’03 issue) multi-channel SA-CD

CD HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED                                             CH 90324

1965 9 TRKS (’03 issue) SA-CD

CD JOHN WESLEY HARDING                                           CH 90320

1967 12 TRKS (’03 issue) SA-CD

CDx2 LIVE 1966 (Bootleg Series No. 4)                              C2K 65759

1998 15 TRKS Live, Manchester 5/66

CD NASHVILLE SKYLINE                                                   CH 90319

1969 10 TRKS (’03 issue) SA-CD

CDx2 NO DIRECTION HOME (Bootleg Series No. 7)       C2K 93937

2005 28 TRKS collection (mostly 60’s recordings)

CD SELF PORTRAIT                                                            CGK 30050

1970? 24 TRKS

Alas, there doesn’t seem to be a good re-mastered version of “Self Portrait”.  I really enjoyed the alternate versions of songs found on the “No Direction Home” collection, really excellent stuff.  “The Bootleg Series Vols. 1 – 3” also has some very entertaining material not found on other CD’s, but it’s been re-packaged, but not re-mastered )that I am aware of).  The SA-CD’s were all re-mastered in ’03 or so, and uniformly sound great.

The great revelation for me of the last 10 years is getting into the “Basement Tapes” – I hadn’t cared for what I heard on bootlegs, and the ’75 legit issue on Columbia sums it all up pretty well – there are more “Basement Tapes” to be found on “The Bootleg Series Vols. 1 – 3”, I might add.

All titles are on Columbia Records in the USA.

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