Time Machine 1971


Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of April 12, 1971

Caught my eye:

JETHRO TULL – Aqualung (Reprise MS 2035) (LP/CD)

PROCOL HARUM – Broken Barricades (A&M SP-4294) (LP/CD)

JOHN SEBASTIAN – Real Live (Reprise MS 2036) (LP)

SPOOKY TOOTH – Tobacco Road (A&M SP-4300)

I already had an import of this Jethro Tull album; This is a wonderful, fantastic Procol Harum album (my favorite 70’s PH LP!) – again, I already had a UK copy; There is a variant (illegitimate?) MGM issue of this John Sebastian album (with a different cover); I believe this Spooky Tooth LP is A&M’s first issue of the material from their debut 60’s album (which Bell has previously done the honors in the US).

Also of interest:

GUESS WHO – Best of (RCA LSPX-1004) (LP)

PEARLS BEFORE SWINE – City of Gold (Reprise RS-6442)

HEADS HANDS & FEET (Captiol SVBB-680) double LP

CLARK-HUTCHINSON – Retribution (Deram DES-18055)

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD – Survival (Captiol SW-764)

JERRY REED – When You’re Hot, You’re Hot (RCA LSP-4506)

Guess Who LP came with a big day-glo poster; PBS had been on the obscure ESP label; HHF were licensed out to Island (in the UK); I had the debut Clark-Hutchinson LP, “A=MH2”, also on Deram; a guy down the street had the GFR LP (I thought the cover was dumb); I thought Jerry Reed was cornball then (but now I kinda like him!).

Notable singles:

HUDSON & LANDRY – Liquor Store / Hippie & The Red-Neck (Dore 855)

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD – Feelin’ Alright / I Want Freedom (Captiol 3095)

BILLY EDD WHEELER – Love / Coal Tattoo (RCA 74-0463)

GUESS WHO – Albert Flasher / Broken (RCA 74-0458)

SUE THOMPSON – What You See Is What You Get / Here’s To Forever (Hickory 1596)

I collect both Sue Thompson and Billy Edd Wheeler – possibly Wheeler’s RCA debut and the Sue T 45 is still in the pre-MGM Hickory numbering series; So, “Albert Flasher” was the single to go with the Guess Who “Best of”!; Hudson & Landry were L.A. radio comedians (Emperor Hudson!); This is the debut single for GFR’s “Survival” LP (Still before their big singles chart success(es) of the 70’s).

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