Spring Break Playlist


Thursday – On Spring Break this week.  Already been to San Diego and the “flower fields” – yesterday, I finally got around to playing some of the vinyl that had been building up since roughly Christmas!  So, with one set before dinner, and the other after – here’s what I played yesterday – on the ‘good stereo’:

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE – Plastic Fantastic Lover (45)

BURDON, ERIC / ANIMALS – Ain’t That So (45)

ASSOCIATION – Don’t Blame It On Me (45)

SAILOR – Stiletto Heels

OLDFIELD, MIKE – Hergest Ridge (Pt. 4)

KING, CAROLE – Goin’ Back

HINES, EARL – Stan Dance

NILSSON, HARRY – Rainmaker

NASH, GRAHAM – Chicago

JOHN, ELTON – Susie (Dramas)

MERCURY, ERIC – Nothing Lasts Forever

PAGE, GENE – Gene’s Theme / Dream (produced by Barry White)

M.F.S.B. – Sunnin’ and Funnin’

SPIKES, THE – High Heel, Big Deal

ACTION, THE – Baby You’ve Got It

KURSAAL FLYERS – Television generation

MOLES, THE – We Are The Moles

YELLO – I Love You (Extended Play) (12”)

CORTINAS, THE – Heartache

PRINCE, VIV – Light Of The Charge Brigade

HISEMAN, JON – Walking On Air

MENTAL AS ANYTHING – Brain Brain (Remixed Version) (12”)

= = =

NEW HEARTS – Just Another Teenaged Anthem

BLUE, BARRY – Hot Shot

SAILOR – Two Ladies On The Corner

VIBRATORS, THE – Just Says (Knock You In The Head)

T. REX – Soul Of My Suit


DALTREY, ROGER – Giving It All Away

LOVICH, LENE – What Will I Do Without You

STEVENS, CAT – Bad Brakes

LILAC TIME – Railway Bazaar



WINDO, GARY – Blonde Country

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