Time Machine 1971


Time Machine 1971

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of April 5, 1971

Caught my eye:

THE GROUNDHOGS – Split (United Artists UAS 6800) (LP/CD re-mastered)

MOTT THE HOOPLE – Wildlife (Atlantic SD 8284) (LP/CD re-mastered)

THE NICE – Elegy (Mercury SR 61324) (LP/CD)

YES – The Yes Album (Atlantic SD 8283) (LP/CD kami sleeve)

I actually waited and got a British Liberty copy of “Split” by The Groundhogs (it had a better cover!); I didn’t buy Mott The Hoople “Wildlife” at this time, but I already had “Mad Shadows”; I knew The Nice had 60’s records – but didn’t get this at the time (the cover looked like ‘rover’ on “The Prisoner”); To be honest, I didn’t come back to “The Yes Album” until I got “Fragile” a few months later (but I am certain I heard “All Good People” on the FM radio).

Also of interest:

TED HEATH ORCHESTRA – Beatles, Bach & Bacharach (Phase 4 SP-44148) (LP)

DOOBIE BROTHERS – self-titled debut LP (Warner Brothers WS 1919)

MARVIN, WELCH & FARRAR – self-titled (Capitol ST-760) ex-Shadows

BUDDY MILES – Message To The People (Mercury SRM-1-608)

FRANK SINATRA / ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIM – Sinatra & Company (Reprise FS-1033)

My dad might’ve been interested in the Ted Heath Orchestra or Frank Sinatra / Antonio Carlos JobimEasy listening!

Notable singles:

BLOODROCK – A Certain Kind / You Gotta Roll (Capitol 3089)

ROD STEWART – Country Comfort (Mercury 73196)

THE DOORS – Love Her Madly / Don’t Go No Further (You Need Meat) (Elektra 45726)

THE FORTUNES – Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again / I Gotta Dream (Capitol 3086)

THE JACKSON 5 – Never Can Say Goodbye / She’s Good (Motown 1179)

JIMMIE HASKELL – Zachariah (End Title) / William Tell Overture (ABC 11296)

I was aware of Rod Stewart, but I don’t remember this single; I loved this Doors single at the time of it’s release (non-LP B-Side, too!); I remember both The Fortunes and The Jackson 5 being on the AM radio – which I still ‘sort of’ heard in ’71. Jimmie Haskell 45 is from a movie that was written by The Firesign Theatre.

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