Wayne County & The Electric Chairs

3-25-11 Wayne County & The Electric Chairs


Yep, Jayne used to be Wayne.


Wikipedia can tell you much more than I actually know about Wayne / Jayne.


1978 4 TRK EP; with pic sleeve, gold vinyl

CD ROCK ‘N ROLL CLEOPATRA (Collection)     RPM UK       RPM 119

1993 20 TRK Collection (70’s recordings) incl. “If You Don’t Want To F*ck Me, Baby – Then Baby, F*ck Off!”

That’s right – my entire Wayne County collection consists of two pieces.  The wonderful “Blatantly Offensive” EP came to my collection in 1978, at right about the time that I was busy dismissing ‘punk rock’ as being humorless.  For those not in the know, this EP hosts the wonderful “If You Don’t Want To F*ck Me Baby, Then Baby, F*ck Off!” – in 1978, it was not yet commonplace for anybody to say “F*ck” on a phonograph record.

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs did not try and hide the fact that their record was likely to cause offense – if anything, they wanted to draw attention to it!  And what of Safari Records?  Owned by the managers of Deep Purple, apparently.  Not going to buy this 45 because it says “F*ck” on it?  They issued the EP in gold colored vinyl, as well.  So, colored vinyl freaks had to have a copy, too!

But step back a bit – it was a bit unusual, unorthodox for an American to go to England to try and “make it” in 1978, wasn’t it?  Blondie might’ve been one thing, but…the Electric Chairs were not what you’d call a “commercial” band, were they?  In 1978, “new wave” hadn’t ‘made it’ yet.  No guaranteed paycheck, just for your skinny tie.

In 2011, these discs walk down the pike via our friends in Japan, as “HQ” discs – the indie label version of the much-vaunted SHM-CD (discs made of a different, stronger material – so likely to last 75 years, instead of CD’s 50+ years).  What do they sound like to people in 2011?

Certainly the band could play.  And all three albums are professional recordings – they sound good, tight!  “If You Don’t Want To F*ck Me Baby, Then Baby, F*ck Off!” could likely be used in some kind of advertising in 2011, eh?  The F-Word no longer attracts so much attention.

It’s very cool that Jayne / Wayne is still alive, and is presumably still rocking and rolling and acting obscene (to paraphrase Frank Zappa).

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