Beyond The Fringe


Beyond The Fringe

I noticed that this is scheduled to be released shortly in England, likely for the 50th Anniversary…

Peter Cook / Alan Bennett / Dudley Moore / Jonathan Miller
Beyond the Fringe Live at the Cambridge Arts Theatre April 24th 1961

EMI UK 972772 2 CD SET

CD 1

1. Steppes In The Right Direction  2. At Home With The Atom (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

3. Love They Neighbour (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED) 4. Man Bites God 5. Royal Box

6. The Heat-Death Of The Universe  7. Under Canvas (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

8. Lied (Deutscher Chansons)  9. A Man Of Principles (Let’s Face It) 10.  Bollard

11.  TVPM  12.  Urn Burial (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)  13.  And The Same To You

14.  Words…And Things  15.  Aftermyth Of War

CD 2

1. Civil War  2. Real Class  3. Gimov (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)  4. The Suspense Is Killing Me

5. Frank Speaking  6. One Leg Too Few  7. Alright Sir, It Doesn’t Whistle (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

8. The Screw Unturned (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)  9. Bloody Rhondda Mine  10.  Black Equals White

11.  Shuffle At The Top (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)  12.  Sitting On The Bench  13.  Bread Alone

14.  Dancing About In The Nude (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)  15.  Take A Pew

16.  So That’s The Way You Like It  17.  The End Of The World

It was always rumored that there existed high quality audio recording of several of the complete shows…and I guess we should expect to see a load of 50th Anniversary stuff for all the events of “The Beat Boom” – “Telstar” 50th Anniversary etc.  You just know they are going to do The Beatles once again, as all of their 50th Anniversaries roll around.

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