I recently found a neat Propaganda 12” single at a swap meet – and it got me thinking about this wonderful German band again.  Many years ago, I met Andreas Thein, here in Los Angeles – at a record collector swap meet, of course.  He was a friend of a friend, in a pre-internet world.  Nice guy, I eventually got to meet up with him in Koln, Germany – we visited Holger Czukay together.

So, my humble Propaganda collection is:

12″ DAS TESTAMENTS DES MABUSE            ZTT JPN                    13SI-238

1984 3 TRKS with pic sleeve

12″ DR. MABUSE                                                 ZTT UK                      12 ZTAS 2

1984 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

12″ DUEL / JEWEL                                              ZTT UK                      12 ZTAS 8

1985 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″ P MACHINERY / FROZEN FACES (PS)    ZTT DE                      107.606

1985 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″ P MACHINERY / FROZEN FACES (PS)    ZTT JPN                    D07D-2007

1985 2 TRKS with pic sleeve (ZTAS 12)

LP SECRET WISH, A                                         ISLAND US               90288.1

1985 9 TRKS U.S. version

CD SECRET WISH, A (CD + DVD)                   REPERTOIRE DE   REP 5003

1985 9 TRKS + DVD (approx. 18 min)

12″ WISHFUL THINKING                                   ZTT UK                      ZAS 20

1986 5 TRK EP; with pic sleeve

It was a no-brainer to recent obtain the CD + DVD set for “A Secret Wish” when I could see that the DVD was NTSC AC:0 – and playable in my home!  Regular reader Jim Donato pointed out to me that the versions of all the singles are known to be vastly different, so it’s prudent to actually play whatever editions of Propaganda records that you have for identification purposes.

And then there’s the solo records by Claudia Brucken et al…I have only:


1987 3 TRKS with pic sleeve                                                                          UK

O.S.T. INSIGNIFICANCE       ZTT DE        207.323      LP

1984? 11 TRKS Hans Zimmer etc.                 UK

V.A. ZANG TUMB TUUM SAMPLED         ZTT UK       IQ 6       LP

1985 12 TRKS Art of Noise, F.G.T.H., Propaganda etc   MISC

This opens the can of worms that is “Collecting ZTT Records” – for 2011, I’ll stick with trying to find SA-CD’s for The Art of Noise, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and maybe even Propaganda – yes, there’s an SA-CD for “A Secret Wish”, but I see that it goes for quite a bit of cash.

So, even if Propaganda didn’t keep my friend Andreas, they still made some memorable mid-80’s electric music.  Sure seems out of place in 2011, eh, readers?

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