Hugh Hopper


Hugh Hopper

British electric bass player Hugh Hopper is one of my favorite musicians.  I’ve been working my collection, but there’s still plenty I do not have…yet.

LP 1984                                                                            CBS UK                  65466

1973 6 TRKS UK original issue

CD 1984                                                                            CUNIEFORM US   RUNE 104

1973 7 TRKS (1 x bonus track)

LP HOPPER TUNITY BOX                                            COMPENDIUM      FIDARDO 7

1977 8 TRKS UK original issue

CD HOPPER TUNITY BOX                                            CULTURE PR       301284.2

1977 9 TRKS (1 x bonus track)

CD MONSTER BAND                                                      CULTURE PR       301278.2

1979 9 TRKS

LP MONSTER BAND                                                      ATMOSPHERE      IRI 5003

1979 9 TRKS UK original issue

CD TWO RAINBOWS DAILY (w/ Alan Gowan)           CUNIEFORM US   RUNE 77

1980 12 TRKS (5 x bonus tracks)

LP TWO RAINBOWS DAILY (w/ Alan Gowan)           RED UK                  ROUGE 1

1980 7 TRKS Gilgamesh

CD MECCANO PELORUS                                             CUNIEFORM US   55006

1991 6 TRKS Live ’87 – ’89

CD HOOLIGAN ROMANTICS                                        FOT US                   FOT 9

1993 14 TRKS


1993 6 TRK CD EP CD5

CD HUGE (w/ Kramer)                                                   SHIMMY US            SHIMMY-088

1995 10 TRKS

CD CHILDREN’S CRUSADE, THE (as Brainville)    SHIMMY US            SHM-5096

1999 11 TRKS Daevid Allen, Pip Pyle etc.

CD AIRBACK (w/ N.D.I.O.)                                              CUNIEFORM US   RUNE 216

2005 9 TRKS Michel Banabila etc.

CD NUMERO D’VOL                                                       MOONJUNE           MUR 014

2007 11 TRKS Charles Hayward etc.

CD GIFT OF PURPOSE, THE (w/ Bone)                     CUNIEFORM US   RUNE 3334

2010 8 TRKS Live ’08

I have been fascinated with British bass player Hugh Hopper for approx. 40 years.  I first discovered him playing bass in Soft Machine.  In the 70’s, I bought his solo albums as I could find then.  I didn’t find much in the 1980’s, but he got very active again in the 90’s.  I am still at work on collecting all of his later releases – I simply can’t locate them all!

Sadly, he passed away in 2009.  I went out of my way to get “The Gift Of Purpose” as a new CD, as I knew the proceeds would go to his family.

This man definitely thought differently about what the electric bass was capable of.  As I have never kept a secret on this topic, “Hoppertunity Box” and “Monster Band” are two of my all-time favorite albums.  Some of you may have heard Hopper’s contribution to Robert Wyatt solo works like “Rock Bottom”, for instance.  Simply great music.

Dave Stewart of Stewart & Gaskin is all over “Hoppertunity Box”!  Must get around to adding this to mu “Ultimate Collection” List!


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