What Was The Last Album You Listened To?

Please tell me in the comments section what the last album you listened to was.  The last album I played was Horace Silver “Tokyo Blues”, nice 60’s Blue Note jazz – on Super Audio CD.

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7 Responses to What Was The Last Album You Listened To?

  1. David Z says:

    Siren-Roxy Music, on vinyl.

  2. postpunkmonk says:

    OMD – A History Of Modern on CD [what a shock].

  3. Dana Madore says:

    HUNTERS & COLLECTORS “Under One Roof” (live).

  4. Brian Ware says:

    Japan – Hammersmith Odeon 1981 (another fine REVO production)

  5. chas_m says:

    Well the most recent NEW purchase would be OMD’s History of Modern, but the album I’ve been listening to nearly constantly of late is They Might Be Giants’ Flood, because I just did a show in Vancouver covering the album top to bottom (I sang backup).

    Bit the show’s now over and I’m still listening to it …

  6. ronkanefiles says:

    Brian: I have that one too! Chas: If I had to pick a TMBG album, it would be “Flood”. Dana: the live album by Hunters & Collectors that I have is called “The Way To Go Out” (from ’84) – I used to have a video of that, too. Jim + Chas: Must be a new OMD album, I don’t know it. David Z: I will be writing about “Siren” this week. – Ron

  7. postpunkmonk says:

    Well. “Siren” is a problem record for me. I’m a huge Roxy Music fan. They are one of my all time favorite bands, especially since they seriously influenced most of my favorite bands that followed. “LITD” is the first song I heard on Top 40 radio and it really sunk its hooks into me at the time. It’s one of my “Three Seminal Singles.” [http://postpunkmonk.wordpress.com/2010/10/07/three-seminal-singles-number-3/]

    I first bought “Flesh + Blood” on release and it was the first RM I’d heard since 1975. I next bought “Manifesto” and then “Avalon” on release. All of the classic RM happened one night of pent-up buying in 1985. I went to two CD stores and bought the rest of the canon in original German CD pressings. A friend had cautioned me years earlier when buying in his store [Crunchy Armadillo Records] that I should pass on “Siren” so I didn’t buy it on vinyl years earlier. After hearing all of those first five albums at once, I can see what he was talking about. “Siren” sounded like a really bad Bryan Ferry album. Apart from “Drug,” I really love “Both Ends Burning!” That’s about it. I’ve heard bootlegs of material from this tour where “Whirlwind” really sounded great, but when I compared to the studio concoction, it was somewhat anemic.

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