CD Covers on Flickr!


CD Covers on Flickr!

I have a Flickr page, and, of course, I have sets of photos that are music-related.  For instance, I have approx. 800 of my favorite records on display here:

How many have you got? I’ve been trying to add a bit more ‘description’ to some titles, but I still have a long way to go.  I have separate sections for 45 picture sleeves, and for Japanese artists.  The section of vinyl record labels is also popular…

I am also re-scanning some stuff, when it is obvious that a higher resolution scan is required (i.e. re-scanning @ 200 what was @ 150).  I pay for a Flickr account, why not use it?

= = =

Everybody in L.A.:  Tomorrow (3/12/11), I am DJing at my good friend’s store in Eagle Rock, “60’s Night” – from 5:00pm onwards.  @ Cuculapraline, 4704 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90041 Etats Unis.  Come on out and check us out!  It should be very groovy.

= = =

I am also readying another batch of DVD-R’s, so get in touch, if you are participating in the study.

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