Sonny & Cher


Sonny & Cher

My sisters used to play Sonny & Cher records to me when I was a child.  Now my elderly mother listens to “I Got You Babe” on the oldies radio station.  Will I never escape Sonny & Cher?

“The Beat Goes On” is a very hip mid-60’s US chart single.  Who’s really playing on that one?  Is Leon Russell on there?  Will the story ever get told about who actually played on these records?

In 2011, I have a few Sonny & Cher pieces that act as my ‘complete’ collection:

LP BABY DON’T GO                                                                          REPRISE US   R 6177

1965? 12 TRKS mono; with Bill Medley, The Lettermen etc.

CD BEAT GOES ON, THE (Collection)                                          ATCO US          91796.2

1991 21 TRK Collection (60’s recordings)

7″ BEAT GOES ON, THE / WHAT NOW MY LOVE                      ATLANTIC US  OS 13072

1980 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, re-issue

LP GREATEST HITS                                                                         MIDI DE             MID 20026

1972 12 TRK Collection

7″ LETTER, THE / SPRING FEVER                                              VAULT US         V-916

1963? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″ WHAT NOW MY LOVE                                                                ATCO US          45-6395

1966? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

LP WONDROUS WORLD OF, THE                                               ATCO US          33-183

1966 12 TRKS mono

Never saw a Vault Sonny & Cher 45 until somewhat recently.  I always did like “Baby Don’t Go”.

In a way, despite the fact that they were known as “hippies”, it seems like serious psychedelic music actually put out the Sonny & Cher fire.  I remember all of their stuff going for cheap, in the hippie record store used LP bins.  Is there such a thing as a rare (desirable) Sonny & Cher record?

60’s music – yes, it is.  Psychedelic – er, not really.  Pop music!

I certainly could never have predicted either the 70’s rise of Sonny & Cher as TV celebrities or of the lengthy solo career of Cher.  Too bad about Sonny, eh?  He was always such a figure of fun, when he was alive.  Daughter Chastity’s restaurant is in my home town of Long Beach, CA!

This coming weekend, I am going to be DJing at a 60’s party in Eagle Rock, CA – I will likely bring my Sonny & Cher CD – one never knows when you will need ti play something everybody knows to bring ‘em back from the brink – the fringe of audience comprehension.  Seems like Sonny & Cher would do the trick.

RIP, Sonny Bono.

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