PCC Swap Meet (on 3-6-11)


PCC Swap Meet (on 3-6-11)

Last Sunday, we returned to the Pasadena City College swap meet, after a long absence.  Ever since they moved the ‘record collector’ part of the show up into the parking structure, it hasn’t been the same.  Still with a bit of persistence, I found some oddball vinyl stuff last Sunday – alas, no 7” singles!

HISEMAN, JOHN A NIGHT IN THE SUN, KUCKUCK DE LP ’82 solo album by the drummer of Colosseum and Tempest; recorded in Brazil, $6

LOVE AND MONEY STRANGE KIND OF LOVE, FONTANA UK LP British pressing, gatefold cover, never seen a copy before!  Weird letter from the ‘radio promo’ label folks to “Hip FM DJ’s” included – imagine sending an LP to a radio station in 1988!, $6

MENTAL AS ANYTHING BRAIN BRAIN, A&M US 12″ promo-only 12” single in a plain black sleeve; Long version / short version, $2

MENTAL AS ANYTHING IF YOU LEAVE ME CAN I COME TOO?, A&M US 12″ promo-only 12” single in a plain black sleeve, $2

MERCURY, ERIC s/t, MERCURY US LP promo ’75 amazing R&B LP (I am only missing one Eric Mercury LP now), and this is still not on CD in 2011, $4

PROPAGANDA DR. MABUSE, ZTT UK 12″ W/PS (12 ZTAS 2) I never saw a copy of this before, only ever the Japanese version (Polystar JPN 13SI-238) $6

YELLO I LOVE YOU, ELEKTRA US 12″ promo-only 12” single, cover rubber stamped “Special AOR Mix” – 3 tracks, $2

I was told (by 2 different people, no less) that the records I was looking through belonged to a single individual, one of whom was designated “a reviewer”.

Also found a few cheap CD’s:



GILMOUR, DAVID s/t, COLUMBIA US CD re-mastered, sealed, $5


V.A. SUMMER OF LOVE Vol. 1, RHINO US CD, ’92 CD of late 60’s hits, $2

I have to be honest, I don’t buy many CD’s at swap meets.  But I am a sucker for inexpensive Realworld label CD; the Gilmour titles got re-mastered when all the Pink Floyd titles got re-mastered, I guess – and I do like those albums.  I got the Leo Kottke for it’s Procol Harum cover version.  And the Rhino compilation CD is a nice effort, with some off stuff on it – there are maybe 6 tracks here that I did not already own on CD.

So, last Sunday was a good day for my record collector persona.  I literally do not know where I could’ve found any of this stuff in a store, much less for the prices paid (in cash) at the swap meet.  Makes me want to go to more swap meets!

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3 Responses to PCC Swap Meet (on 3-6-11)

  1. Brian Ware says:

    Kellan and I have marked our calendars for the twice yearly Orlando swap meet coming up on the 27th. He’s been saving his money. Last fall was his first meet and we had a ball. I was pleasantly surprised as well so I’ll send a report.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Can’t wait to see both of your lists! I see some young people at the Claremont swap meet, but the one I went to last Sunday is a big outdoor one that mostly sells ‘junk’ – there’s a small area that’s just record collectors.

  3. postpunkmonk says:

    I have the Yello and Propaganda singles. On “Mabuse” which sleeve/pressing variant is it? White, Black, or generic ZTT? I have all three. Mixes can differ wildly. Sticker? What I don’t have is the JPN “Mabuse,” except on a Polystar CD3 – now worth a small fortune.

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