Yukihiro Takahashi


Yukihiro Takahashi

Yukihiro Takahashi of Y.M.O. certainly doesn’t crank out all that many solo albums these days.  I think I am missing a few, but here’s a basic list of known titles since 1990:

CD BROADCAST FROM HEAVEN                                     EASTWORLD JPN   TOCT-5647

1990 10 TRKS

CD DAY IN THE NEXT LIFE, A                                            EASTWORLD JPN   TOCT-6032

1991 10 TRKS

CD NIGHT IN THE NEXT LIFE, A                                       EASTWORLD JPN   TOCT-6246

1991 16 TRKS Live

CD LIFETIME, HAPPY TIME                                                EASTWORLD JPN   TOCT-6431

1992 11 TRKS

CD HEART OF HURT                                                           EASTWORLD JPN   TOCT-6896

1992 12 TRKS


1993 18 TRKS O.S.T.

CD MR. Y.T.                                                                            EASTWORLD JPN   TOCT-8601

1994 10 TRKS

CD I’M NOT IN LOVE (BEST OF ’88 – ’95)                         EASTWORLD JPN   TOCT-8968

1995 16 TRK Collection, slipcase

CD PORTRAIT WITH NO NAME                                         EASTWORLD JPN   TOCT-9695

1996 10 TRKS

CD5 TOUCH OF LOVE, A                                                      CONSIPIO JPN         AGCA-50001

1997 4 TRK CD Single CD5

CD5 SIGH OF GHOST, A                                                       CONSIPIO JPN         AGCA-10007

1997 6 TRK CD EP CD5

CD PULSE x PULSE                                                            CONSIPIO JPN         AGCA-10008

1997 6 TRKS mylar insert

12″ PULSE REMIX (12″ x 3)                                                 CONSIPIO JPN         AGJA-70002

1998 11 TRK EP; #8147, insert, FPM etc.

CD DEAREST FOOL, THE                                                  CONSIPIO JPN         ACGA-10019

1999 10 TRKS

CD FOOL ON EARTH                                                           CONSIPIO JPN         COCD-9237

2000 7 TRK Remix Collection

CD ALL STAR REMIXES                                                      CONSIPIO JPN         COCD-9247

2001 8 TRK Collection

CD DOG SMILED, A                                                              CONSIPIO JPN         AGCA-1007

2002 15 TRK Collection, ’97-’99

CD BLUE MOON BLUE                                                       TOSHIBA JPN           TOCT-25939

2006 12 TRKS

Of course, Takahashi was also active with Haruomi Hosono, as Sketch Show during this period.  And next June, Y.M.O. are scheduled to play at the Hollywood Bowl here in L.A.!

While it’s true that his catalogue gets bogged down with remix titles, soundtracks and live albums, there are still quite a few original new works here!  There’s also apparently an SA-CD for “A Dog Smiled”, but I have never seen a copy, of course!

“Pulse x Pulse” was pretty good, as I recall – very 90’s electronica in style, it had a great guest female vocalist – and the remix vinyl of it nearly doubled the number of songs!

So, solid drummer and a great vocalist – the voice of Y.M.O.!

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2 Responses to Yukihiro Takahashi

  1. David Z says:

    A very solid drummer, indeed. You know that I have a soft spot in my heart for Mr. Takahashi. And I have you and Mr. Meyer to thank for that.

    Thank you for that.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    We all love Takahashi-san! Can’t wait to see him @ the Hollywood Bowl at the end of June 2011!

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