Dub Master X

Dub Master X

I think I met Japanese artist Dub Master X at a club in Los Angeles when he toured with Mute Beat.  The three Dub Master X albums that I have on CD are all instrumental dub reggae albums.  His name is Izumi Miyazaki.  I have his autograph on a Mute Beat cassette…

CD DMX II                                           TRIAD JPN      COCA-10516               1992 12 TRKS

CD DUB MASTER X                          NUTMEG          BC-2202                       1992 8 TRKS

CD SIDE JOB                                     TRIAD JPN      COCA-10893               1993 8 TRKS

I recently got these 3 x Japanese CD’s out to play e’m, and inside the booklet for the debut solo album, it shows an additional 10 volumes of CD’s by him, all numbered and called “Dub Wa Crazy”! – so there’s 10 more CD’s I’d like to try and find by this guy!

I have had a soft spot for instrumental dub reggae ever since I was a young man sifting the bins upstairs at the Record & Tape Exchange in Notting Hill Gate, London, circa ’79.  I find that Japanese artists are exceptionally gifted, when it comes to “dub”.

Mute Beat was the first Japanese dub reggae group that I got interested in – I was sent a promo of their TRA Project cassette (on CD as “No. 0”) – I played it to death and loved every second of it!  Once CD’s got going, I started to see CD’s by Mute Beat, usually when I was visiting my friend Mark, up in San Jose, CA – thank you, Tower Records on Bascom Avenue!

As I previously mentioned, I had the good fortune to see Mute Beat play live in Los Angeles.  Yes, it’s true!  When Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra toured here a few years ago, I wore my Mute Beat T-shirt, and it raised a few eyebrows at that concert (mostly with the Japanese staff who were selling shirts and CD’s).

I’ve been to Japan quite a few times, but I think I bought every Dub Master X / Mute Beat CD that I ever saw (that I didn’t already have).  10 volumes of “Dub Wa Crazy”! Yikes!

Well, either you “get” dub reggae or you don’t.  I find it peaceful to listen to in the background while looking through bins of 7” singles in England.  It’s not bad in my den where I sit and write all of this stuff.  Dub reggae seldom makes me look up from my writing and parenthetically ask “What’s going on here?” – I know what’s going on with most dub reggae – exactly that:  DUB REGGAE.  Instrumental music, with a certain beat.

My older brother always liked reggae, and I have him to thank for my exposure to a wider batch of reggae than usual – and bro was a dub freak; he had tons of it.  Thanks, Jim!

–          Ron

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2 Responses to Dub Master X

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I always love any Dub I hear, even though straight reggae gives me the hives. My antipathy for reggae stems more from its Rastafarianism, but I admit the vocals do nothing for me either. But any time I’m in a situation hearing Dub, I always think “this is nice.” There’s nothing better than being in the car at night when the LPFM is having a dub set. But as you say, it is what it is. It’s not like I need to buy dub albums, though I’ve thought about it. I like the form, but its anonymous. I suppose I could buy one Groucho Smykle album and that would be it.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    I eventually managed to identify the first dub records I ever heard – “African Dub” on Lightning Records in England. There were eventually 4 volumes, nary a credit on any of the LP’s.

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