Time Machine 1971 #1


Time Machine 1971 #1

I will be writing a lot about 1971 this year, as it’s the 40th anniversary of 1971.  “Strange Days” magazine in Japan also writes a “Time Machine” column, and that’s what today’s list is based upon.

The March 2011 issue of “Strange Days” lists January 1971 album releases as:  1.  Elvis Presley “Elvis Country (I’m 10,000 Years Old)” RCA US LP LSP 4460)  2. Poco “Deliverin’” (Epic US LP KE 30209)  3.  Little Feat “Little Feat” (Warner Brothers US LP WS 1890)  4.  Mountain “Nantucket Sleighride” (Windfall US LP 5550)  5.  Chicago “Chicago III” (Columbia US 2LP C2 30110)  6.  Z.Z. Top “Z.Z. Top’s First Album” (London US LP PS 584)  7.  Uriah Heep “Salisbury” (Mercury US LP SR 61319)  8.  Janis Joplin “Pearl” (Columbia US LP KC 30322) and 9.  The Partirdge Family “At Home With Their Greatest Hits” (Bell US LP 1107).

After spending all of 1970 talking about English and European issues of LP’s, it’s a bit of a surprise to me that they have started listing US LP’s for their 1971 “Time Machine”!

Elvis Presley did not matter to me at all in 1971.  I’d only recently discovered his original 50’s recordings like “Shake, Rattle & Roll”!  Poco interested me on paper, with their Buffalo Springfield connection, but I never investigated.  Little Feat also interested me on paper, with their Mothers of Invention connection – Roy Estrada and Lowell George had both played with Mr. Zappa.  I heard a track or two on Warner / Reprise sampler albums, but I never even got the debut album until somewhat recently.  I spent the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the first decade of the new century without any Little Feat in my collection.  I currently own a CD of their debut album.

Mountain were a little more within my scope of music; I saw them on TV, and you could definitely hear ‘em on the FM radio in 1971.  “Don’t Look Around” was flogged from “Nantucket Sleighride”.  Chicago’s 3rd (double) album was also fairly on the radar in 1971 – I liked the singles “Free” and “Lowdown” from this album (which included a giant poster).  I didn’t even hear of Z.Z. Top until years later!

I had been a fan of Urian Heep when their debut album “Very ‘Eavy Very “umble” came out on vertigo Records in England, and I had (have) a British original LP of it.  I hated the cover of the US version of their debut, unaware that it had a different song or two.  The clowns at Mercury Records also messed with the cover of UH #2, “Salisbury” – it was never a favorite of mine, and I own both UK & US editions.  Ah, I’d watched Janis Joplin make all of her mis-steps after leaving Big Brother & The Holding Co., but I did find “Pearl” to be a charming album, at the time.  Boy, 1971 seems a bit early to have a Partirdge Family “Best Of” LP, but I guess it was so.  I’d watched the first series on TV, but I was not those records’ intended audience, then or now.

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