King Crimson


King Crimson

Just sticking to the somewhat recently released CD’s and / or DVD’s…

CDx2 COLLECTABLE KING CRIMSON, Vol. 1                                                     DGM US                DGM 5001

2006 19 TRKS (’74 recordings) Live

CDx5 EPITAPH – Vols. 1 – 4 (5CD boxed set)                                                       WHD JPN             IECP-20025-8

1997 40 TRKS Live ’69, BBC sessions etc.; kami sleeve

CDx2 GREAT DECEIVER, THE: Part 1                                                                   DGM US                DGM 5004

2007 24 TRKS (’73-’74 recordings) Live

CDx2 GREAT DECEIVER, THE: Part 2                                                                   DGM US                DGM 5005

2007 25 TRKS (’73-’74 recordings) Live

CD IN THE COURT OF THE CRIMSON KING (40th Annv. – CD + DVD)      DGM US                KCSP 1

2009 10 TRKS 40th Annv. Ed. – CD + 5.1 DVD-Audio

CD IN THE WAKE OF POSEIDON (40th Annv. – CD + DVD)                          DGM US                KCSP 2

2010 13 TRKS (3 x bonus tracks) + 5.1 DVD-Audio

CD ISLANDS (40th Annv. – CD + DVD)                                                               DGM US                KCSP 4

2010 12 TRKS (6 x bonus tracks) + 5.1 DVD-Audio

CDx2 LADIES OF THE ROAD (Live ’71 – ’72)                                                        DISCIPLINE US   DGM 0203

2002 20 TRKS Live ’71 – ’72 K.C. Club CD

CD LARKS’ TONGUES IN ASPIC (Eu Kami)                                                     VIRGIN UK            CDVKCX 5

2002 6 TRKS kami sleeve

CD LIZARD (40th Annv. Ed. – CD + DVD)                                                           DGM US                KCSP 3

2009 8 TRKS (3 x bonus tracks) + 5.1 DVD-Audio

CD RED (40th Annv. Ed. – CD + DVD)                                                                DGM US                KCSP 7

2009 8 TRKS (3 x bonus tracks) + 5.1 DVD-Audio

CD STARLESS AND BIBLE BLACK (Eu Kami)                                                VIRGIN UK            CDVKCX 6

2002 8 TRKS kami sleeve

CD USA (Eu Kami)                                                                                                 VIRGIN UK            CDVKCX 12

2002 9 TRKS (3 x bonus tracks) kami sleeve

I highly recommend the 40th Anniversary editions of any King Crimson albums that you can lay your hands on.  The new mixes are stunning!  Not many people will be able to enjoy the 5.1 mixes, but they are very amusing, entertaining, enlightening etc.

I’m absolutely delighted the Mr. Fripp has seen fit to make some nice sets of the ’73 / ’74 band on stage.  I remember hearing bootleg CD’s of these titles, many years ago!

Anxiously awaiting the completion of the set, with 40th anniversary editions of “Larks’ Tongues In Aspic” and “Starless and Bible Black” (both of which should be impressive in 5.1 audio).

King Crimson has definitely translated well into the new century – a damn sight better than some, I would say.  All of the 40th Anniversary series sound magnificent (they all even have previous masterings on the DVD, if you miss the ‘old sound’ of the records).

Interesting:  both Genesis and The Moody Blues also have their best albums available as 5.1 recordings (on SA-CD, as opposed to DVD-Audio).  There’s only one Pink Floyd 5.1 title (“DSOTM”) and no audiophile Procol Harum titles on CD at all!

I understand that there is a Japanese edition of Gentle Giant “Octopus” as an SHM-SA-CD; I bet that’s mastered nicely!

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