Rare Analogue Records Now #1


Rare Analogue Records Now #1

Another feature in Strange Days magazine from Japan is called “Rare Analogue Records Now” – where they show you what they look like, give a brief description (in Japanese) and – presumably – they ‘rank’ them!  But – by what order?

  1. EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER – Debut album (Island UK LP ILPS 9132) pink label only
  2. GENESIS – From Genesis To Revelation (Decca UK LP SKL 4990) with insert
  3. PINK FLOYD – Dark Side Of The Moon (Harvest UK LP SHVL 804) orig. edition, with stickers and posters
  4. GENTLE GIANT – Gentle Giant (Vertigo UK LP 6360 020)
  5. GENTLE GIANT – Acquiring The Taste (Vertigo UK LP 6360 041)
  6. CARAVAN – Caravan (MGM UK LP SVLP 6011)
  7. GILES, GILES & FRIPP – The Cheerful Insanity Of (Deram UK LP SML 1022)
  8. KING CRIMSON – In The Court Of The Crimson King (Island UK LP ILPS 9111) pink label
  9. AFFINITY – Affinity (Vertigo UK LP 6360 004)
  10. STILL LIFE – Still Life (Vertigo UK LP 6360 026)

Looking at these Top 10 “Rare Analogue Records Now”, I am guessing that these are among the easier titles to come by original copies – either that, or these are the most preferred titles to find.

I own (or have owned) all of the listed titles here – in original UK editions.  I sold my Affinity LP and never got a re-issue – most interesting thing about the Affinity LP is that they cover an Alan Hull song that was also done by Capability Brown – “I Am and So Are You”); I never owned the 2nd Gentle Giant LP; My Giles, Giles & Fripp was a US issue; I presently only own a CD and Japanese re-issue LP on Still Life.

The debut EL&P is a particularly good album to own an original copy of – the sound on the original UK Island pressing is magnificent!  Of everything listed above, the Pink Floyd LP has the most stuff in it – making it increasingly difficult to find a complete UK original edition – does it have both posters?  Both stickers?  The ‘right’ label?

Some of this material definitely walks the line between aesthetic pleasure in owning an original edition and the necessity for having a UK original LP purely because of the label on the original edition.

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