Time Machine 1970 #12


Time Machine 1970 #12

40 years ago!! Strange Days magazine in Japan is keeping up with it’s “Time Machine” series, which I find quite interesting.

Strange Days magazine 2011.02 (Issue #135) lists “December 1970 Albums” as:  John Lennon “Plastic Ono Band” (Apple UK LP PCS 7124); Yoko Ono “Plastic Ono Band” (Apple UK  LP SAPCOR 17); Free “Highway” (Island UK LP ILPS 9138); King Crimson “Lizard” (Island UK LP ILPS 9141); Van Der Graaf Generator “H To He Who Am The Only One” (Charisma UK LP CAS 1027); The Move “Looking On” (Fly UK LP FLY 1); T. Rex “T. Rex” (Fly UK LP FLY 2); Wishbone Ash “Wishbone Ash” (MCA UK LPMKPS 2014); and finally Robert Wyatt “The End Of An Ear” (CBS UK LP S 64189).

To be perfectly honest, at the time of release the most important titles here for me were the John Lennon LP and The Move’s final LP.  We had all been waiting for a solo album of songs from John Lennon, and it finally arrived with “Plastic Ono Band”.  I absolutely loved the cover of “Looking On” – and my taste for British LP’s was further encouraged by obtaining “Looking On” as quickly as possible – I did not wait for the US release of this LP!

The Free LP did not matter to me at the time, but I like the CD I own of it in 2011.  No use for the Yoko Ono LP, then or now.  I knew about King Crimson in December 1970, but I waited and got a US issue of “Lizard” – it would’ve been $1 or $2 cheaper.  For VDGG, I started with “Aerosol Grey Machine” (from a cut-out bin), so my first copy of “H To He” was definitely the US Dunhill issue (with a different cover).

My T. Rex fandom didn’t explode with this album; it would blossom with the advent of “Electric Warrior”.  I somehow never did Wishbone Ash; I now have a CD of “Argus”, which is generally considered to be their masterpiece – have not had time to play it, as yet.

And in December 1970, I definitely knew who Soft Machine were, but I had yet to buy any Soft Machine solo albums – from either Robert Wyatt or Kevin Ayers.  I remember buying it before he had his accident, probably after being such a big fan of the two Matching Mole albums.  For those who do not know, it’s his “most jazz” solo album; not much singing or songwriting going on here.  That said, it is a sublime UK jazz LP from 1970.

So, from today’s list, I do not have the Yoko Ono album as an LP or CD, or the debut Wishbone Ash – I have all other titles as original LP releases and CD issues.  I have a deluxe CD + DVD set for King Crimson “Lizard”, where the DVD-A has the album mixed to 5.1 audio.  I have Japanese little paper album cover CD’s for John Lennon, King Crimson (as well as the CD + DVD), Van Der Graaf Generator, and The Move.

So, a very good month for me; I stand by most of the music here today, and I would say that my present day adult listening habits were beginning to form by December 1970.

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