Syd Barrett


Syd Barrett

I remain a fan of the two proper Syd Barrett solo albums.  I recently went for the new collection, “An Introduction To…”.

CD BARRETT                                                                            HARVEST UK          CDSHSP 4007

1970 12 TRKS

LP BARRETT                                                                            HARVEST UK          SHSP 4007

1970 11 TRKS UK original issue

CD INTRODUCTION TO SYD BARRETT, AN                      CAPITOL US           7736.2

2010 18 TRK Collection, some new ’10 mixes / remixes

LP LAUGHING pirate                                                              IMPOSSIBLE           IMP 1-03

1978? 13 TRKS pirate

LP MADCAP LAUGHS, THE                                                   HARVEST UK          SHVL 765

1969 13 TRKS UK original issue

LP MADCAP LAUGHS, THE                                                   TOSHIBA JPN         EMS-80636

1969 13 TRKS insert

CD MADCAP LAUGHS, THE (Kami)                                     TOSHIBA JPN         TOCP-65783

1969 13 TRKS (’01 issue) kami sleeve

LPx2 MADCAP LAUGHS, THE + BARRETT re-issue            HARVEST UK          SHDW 404

1976? 24 TRK Collection

7″ OCTOPUS / GOLDEN HAIR                                            HARVEST UK          HAR 5009

1969 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

CD OPEL                                                                                    HARVEST UK          CDP 791206.2

1988 14 TRK Collection (late 60’s/early 70’s recordings)

LP OPEL                                                                                    HARVEST UK          SHSP 4126

1988 14 TRK Collection (late 60’s/early 70’s recordings)

CD5 PEEL SESSIONS, THE                                                     STRANGE FR UK   SFPSCD 043

1988 5 TRK CD EP CD5

12″ WOULDN’T YOU MISS ME (DARK GLOBE) promo     CAPITOL US           SPRO-79606

1988 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, promo

I just played the new collection, and some of it is mighty impressive.  Worth the price of admission is a stereo version of the Pink Floyd 45 “Apples And Oranges”; from “Piper At The Gates Of Dawn”, “Matilda Mother” has a “2010 Mix”, which is quite nice.  From “The Madcap Laughs”, “Here I Go”, “Octopus” and “She Took A Long Cold Look At Me” have new mixes, and from “Barrett”, “Dominoes” has a 2010 mix.  There are no credits for the new song here, “Bob Dylan Blues”, which is fairly amusing.  I remember buying the “Peel Sessions” CD Single years ago, just to get the one new Barrett song, “Two Of A Kind” – then the first new Barrett tune in 18 years.

I always stayed away from the UK EMI Syd Barrett boxed set.  The finished albums are sometimes a bit rough, so the many out-takes were almost un-listenable to me.  “Opel” has some decent material, but…I like the full songs best.

I suppose a package like the new collection is good for younger fans, who know the name but not the music.  At least the music is still amazing sounding.  I was no more than 13 years old when I saw “The Madcap Laughs” UK LP in a record store and knew I had to have it.  I promise at that time I did not know he was from Pink Floyd – I just knew it had an amazing cover, and that it looked like something I would like, which, of course, it was.  Very much.

Thanks for the music, Syd.  Rest in peace, Roger Keith Barrett (1946 – 2006).

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