How Do I Listen To All Of This?


How Do I Listen To All Of This?

So, there are records, DVD’s and CD’s in 3 rooms of my home – How am I ever going to listen to all of this?  Yes, I could stop buying new stuff, but…you all know how that one goes!

Maybe I should set aside a period of time for a specific genre?  Recently, I wrote about 3 British glam rock bands – and, owing to when I first found all of the original UK LP’s (February!) – maybe February could be “UK Glam Rock Month”?  Or should I follow PBS’s lead and have it be “Black Music Month”?  Y’know…watch “Shaft” and some Pam Grier movies, play my Gap Band CD’s…Kool & The Gang!

The March could be “Euro Progressive Rock Month” – Faust, Amon Duul II, Catharsis, Focus, Bo Hansson, Museo Rosenbach, Le Orme…I could listen and relax, I am very familiar with this style of music.  It’s where I ended up after my initial intoxication with rock music!  The Beatles and The Rolling Stones – then Neu!, Cluster, Kraftwerk!

April can be jazz, because it’s so cool.  What did I first hear on KNOB-FM (“The Jazz Knob”)?  Les McCann?  Something from “Spanish Onions”?  I know I heard Charles Mingus when I was still a youngster – something from “Blues & Roots”, no doubt.  And maybe I was standing in a hippie record store when some old soul played a Horace Silver record that would forever make me check the jazz release sheets from Japan?

May could be Australia and New Zealand month:  It’s sung in English, but it isn’t British or American!  How easily we forget out antipodean cousins!  Play some Skyhooks, Ray Columbus & The Invaders, The Easybeats or Schnell Fenster.  Hey, this stuff is pretty good?  Dang, I have a lot of this stuff!

June gears up to be 60’s month – just in time for the summer love-ins and rock festivals!  Jefferson Airplane, Procol Harum, Country Joe & The Fish, TrafficThe Doors, Love and a million others, all dressed in hippie attire.  I wish more of it was in stereo!  Play some 45’s, Strawberry Alarm Clock non-hit titles like “Tomorrow”!  Iron Butterfly!

July heats up here sometimes – so, naturally the 80’s follow the 60’s!  Magazine, XTC and Ultravox abound.  Dig out those Punishment of Luxury B-sides!  Revel in the new compact disc format.  Have a got a re-mastered CD of that title yet?  Re-discover favorites you never knew you had:  Y.M.O., The Plastics, Simple Minds (first 4 albums), M (Robin Scott) etc.

August could be ethnic music month, and I could finally get around to all of those Realworld CD’s that are languishing in a few cartons in the other room!  Hermeto Pascoal (unless you OD’s on him during jazz month), Urszula Dudziak, Manu Dibango

So, you see, it is possible to try and devise a schedule for working your way through even a massive collection of recorded music!

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One Response to How Do I Listen To All Of This?

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I always thought the 80s were the 60s with new technology.

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