I guess I had to complete the trifecta – today’s it SHOWADDYWADDY!

CD BELL SINGLES 1974-76, THE                      7T’S UK         GLAMCD 9

2001 20 TRK Collection (70’s recordings)

LP GREATEST HITS                                              ARISTA UK   ARTY 145

1976 12 TRK Collection

CD SHOWADDYWADDY (1974) (1st album)    7T’S UK         GLAMCD 2

1974 14 TRKS (2 x bonus tracks)

LP SHOWADDYWADDY (1974) (1st album)    BELL UK       BELLS 248

1974 12 TRKS

LP SHOWADDYWADDY (Collection)                 ARISTA US   AL 4114

1976 12 TRK Collection; same as UK “Greatest Hits” LP

CD STEP TWO                                                        7T’S UK         GLAMCD 4

1975 14 TRKS (2 x bonus tracks)

LP STEP TWO (CBS blue)                                   BELL UK       BELLS 256

1975 12 TRKS blue back cover

LP STEP TWO (EMI black)                                   BELL UK       BELLS 256

1975 12 TRKS black back cover

CD TROCADERO                                                   7T’S UK         GLAMCD 10

1976 15 TRKS (3 x bonus tracks) (’01 issue)

LP TROCADERO                                                   BELL UK       SYBEL 8003

1976 12 TRKS

CD VERY BEST OF                                                 DEMON UK  DMGTV 011

2004 25 TRK Collection

So, the set of UK 70’s glam rock bands who seemed to like to mix 50’s rock & roll with 70’s glam rock is now complete.

“Hey Rock and Roll” is a very wonderful UK 70’s glam rock single.  I want everyone to listen and believe!  Showaddywaddy were easily the most 50’s influenced of the UK glam rockers – with many of their hits being cover versions of 50’s songs performed in mock-50’s glam rock style.  And they had the silliest name!

When I had my “Motherlode of UK Glam Rock LP’s” find, I got all three original UK Showaddywaddy albums on vinyl.  Yeah!  But…I’ve never found any of their 45’s – for a reasonable price.  Their eponymous US LP was merely their British “Greatest Hits” LP in different clothing!  And, of course – they had about a dozen albums released only in Germany that I’ve never seen…

And it’s thanks to my 2 x vinyl copies of “Step Two” that I am blessed with the information that Bell Records in the UK went from EMI to CBS (for distribution) with the release of this album!  Now I can rest easier at night, knowing this.

So, not as meaty as Sweet or Slade – but Showaddywaddy should be in everyone’s lexicon of British pop music.

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