After writing about The Rubettes yesterday, I thought that today, I’d go on a bit about Mud.  More UK 70’s rock music influenced by US 50’s rock – but played in the glam rock style that was so popular in England at the time.

CD A’S & B’S & RARITIES                              EMI UK        560222.2

2004 23 TRK Collection (70’s recordings)

7″ CRAZY (mono) / (stereo) promo           BELL US     45-415

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

CD GREATEST HITS                                      EMI UK        26350.2

2000 16 TRK Collection (70’s recordings)

CD MUD ROCK / MUD ROCK Vol. 2           BGO UK      BGOCD 415

1974/5 20 TRKS 2-on-1 (’98 issue)

Probably best known for their Chinn-Chapman hits “Tiger Feet”, “The Cat Crept In”, “Lonely This Christmas” and others too numerous to mention.  Alas, lead singer Les Gray (1946 – 2004) passed away a while back.  I’m certain the band is still on the road in England / Europe, so someone has to take his place.

Back a few years, I had a “Glam Rock” birthday party at a bar in Los Angeles.  For 2+ hours I assaulted the patrons of the bar (and my friends) with a non-stop shower of UK 70’s glam rock ‘hits’ – Mud’s “Tiger Feet” was a clear crowd pleaser!

I didn’t find any Mud LP’s when I found my “Motherlode of Glam Rock LP’s” experience a few years back – drat!  I did manage to score an original US 45 for “Crazy”, possibly their swankest British hit.  I’ve picked up as many Mud CD’s as have ever crossed my path.  The 2-on-1 of the first two albums is fairly nice stuff (for ’74-’75 UK glam rock) – why are their records (LP’s) so much more expensive than their contemporaries?

It does help to see the band in action…describing “Tiger Feet” using merely words does not do it justice.  Check out Mud on one of those “million music videos” websites (most of which I do not recommend) – they are a blast!

Checking out their discography – it’s clear that Mud have many more LP’s than I ever knew about!  I guess a lot of these bands headed over to Europe, when the going got tough in England.  They certainly didn’t come to the US!

This kind of band does not really exist in 2011 – well, maybe in Europe.  I bet they put on a great show, wherever they played.

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