The Rubettes


The Rubettes

The Rubettes were / are a British ‘glam rock’ band that were initially popular and active in England in the mid-70’s; I love some of their singles – but, then again, I am a big fan of UK 70’s glam / glitter rock!

7″ I CAN DO IT / IF YOU’VE GOT THE TIME                          POLYDOR US       PD 15103

1975 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

LP RUBETTES (1975) (3rd album)                                         STATE UK              ETAT 4

1975 12 TRKS

LP RUBETTES (Collection)                                                      STATE / MCA US   MCA-2193

1976 12 TRK Collection

LP SIGN OF THE TIMES                                                            STATE UK              ETAT 6

1976 11 TRKS


1974 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

CD VERY BEST OF                                                                     SPECTRUM DE    554331.2

1998 21 TRK Collection “70’s recordings)

LP WE CAN DO IT                                                                      STATE UK              ETAT 1

1975 12 TRKS insert

CD WEAR IT’S ‘AT                                                                        7T’S UK                  GLAMCD 104

1974 14 TRKS (’10 issue) (2 x bonus tracks)

LP WEAR IT’S ‘AT                                                                        POLYDOR UK       2383 306

1974 12 TRKS incl. ‘hat’

Being late to the game, I only have US Rubettes 45’s.  5 or 6 years ago, I got lucky at the Claremont swap meet and obtained the first four original UK Rubettes LP’s!  My LP copy of “Wear It’s ‘At” actually still had the ‘hat’ included!  And I only recently got a CD of the “Wear It’s ‘At” album; before that, I only had a European “Best Of” CD.

The Rubettes were never all that far from Showaddywaddy or Mud – bands that liked to incorporate reincarnated 50’s rock & roll with the UK glam rock ‘style’ that was so popular in the UK in the mid-70’s.  It is truly possible to love singles from all three of these (circa ’74 – ’76) British glam rock artistes!

I believe the story of The Rubettes involves a producer using session musicians to make a single, the single attracted some interest – and a band was needed for a Top Of The Pops appearance – so they asked some of the musicians who actually made the recording!  And the rest if UK chart history.  I don’t think The Rubettes ever played live in the US – they were busy in England and Europe!

“I Can Do It” is a fast-paced toe-tapper with an unearthly vocal harmony present at times.  It just screams “HIT”, to me.  The single before it, “Sugar Baby Love” was perhaps a bigger hit in England & Europe – but it’s not nearly as snappy as “I Can Do It” – and the falsetto can be…a bit difficult to digest.

When I started playing the original UK LP’s, I did notice that the musicianship seemed to be of a particularly high order in this band.  They’re all still alive and well!

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